Xiaomi-electric vehicle business


Xiaomi has officially registered its electric car division, according to the firm. They stated that they had entered a “substantial development phase”.

Xiaomi EV, Inc. is the name of the subsidiary, and it has a previously stated registered capital of 10 billion yuan ($1.55 billion).

In March, the Beijing-based corporation announced plans to establish an electric vehicle sector. They intend to invest $10 billion over the next decade. Xiaomi EV today employs 300 people, according to the company. The group’s founder and CEO, Lei Jun is in charge of overseeing it. In the last five months, Xiaomi’s electric car team has conducted significant consumer research. It has also engaged with industry partners as it defines an EV product and establishes a team. The car has yet to be revealed by the corporation.

Xiaomi said earlier this month that it had bought the independent driving firm Deepmotion for approximately $77.37 million to “enhance the technological competitiveness” of its electric vehicle business.

Xiaomi Factory in Turkey

On Tuesday, Xiaomi blamed its partner Salcomp for allegations of poor working conditions, employee mistreatment, and likely layoffs at its facility in Istanbul’s Avclar area. As a company, we are aware of the most recent event in Turkey, Xiaomi said in a statement.

A Xiaomi business partner made the investment for the factory. The factory is run independently by this partner,” Xiaomi stated.

When we learned about the situation, we promptly contacted the factory. We trust that this case will address appropriately, adding that the corporation “follows the necessary legislation in a sane manner. Salcomp is a Finnish technology company that also serves as a supplier to Apple Inc.

Guangdong Lingyi iTECH, another Chinese company, acquired in 2019, faces significant claims of cruel labor conditions.

According to local media accounts, Salcomp compelled employees to work on holidays and those who refused to punish for pay cuts.

Deniz Tezel of Evrensel newspaper recently revealed that the corporation sacked 15 employees belonging to a workers’ union. On the condition of anonymity, an employee wrote a post for Evrensel headlined, “We saw Xiaomi as an employment opportunity, but it turned out to be slavery.

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