XTB Review

Broker NameXTB
Broker TypeForex
Operating Since2005
AddressFCA - Financial Conduct Authority
Broker StatusRegulated
CS Phone48 222 739 976
CS Emailsales_int@xtb.com
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Romanian, Turkish,
Trading PlatformsXstation 5, Metatrader4
Trading Platform TimezoneN/A
Demo AccountYes
Mobile TradingYes
Web based tradingYes
Other Trading InstrumentCryptocurrency
Minimum Deposit
Maximal Leverage1 is to 200
Spread Variable0.35 pips
Scalping AllowedN/A
XTB Broker Review
Comments Rating 2.06 (46 reviews)
XTB is among those brokers that have their very own trading platforms on top of the MetaTrader4. With this broker, you can access xStation 5, which has a lot of great functions.

For traders who are searching for better platforms, XTB is a very good choice. To name some perks, you can:
• Trade more than 1,500 financial instruments
• Use as high as 200:1 leverage
• Get some cash back from your trades
• Enjoy 24-hour customer support

• Lightning-fast order execution
These are very necessary for a flawless trading activity, making it easier and safer for you to bet on your trades.
Moreover, your funds are safe because XTB is a regulated broker. There’s zero chance they will mess around with your funds.
Now let’s dig deeper into its most notable feature: MT4 and xStation 5.

XTB Notable Feature/s: MT4 and xStation 5

Trading platforms are what makes a trader’s job easier. Trades are more accurate since the trader can use analytical tools and advanced charts when weighing chances of winning. You can already do a lot with one trading platform. Just imagine how much more you can accomplish with two powerful platforms.

The MetaTrader4 (MT4) is arguably the most in-demand trading platform in the world of forex trading. You would find it difficult to trade without MT4. It has trading tools, charts with various timeframes, super-friendly user interface, and EA capabilities.

Traders with XTB can use this very intuitive platform on the web or via any mobile devices. You never have to worry about not knowing what’s happening to your trades when you’re driving around town.

Meanwhile, the xStation 5 is just as useful as the MT4. If it’s not as good, it’s better. The xStation 5’s design is so user-friendly that even true beginners can easily use it. it has more charts, trading calculator, trader stats, bulk order capabilities, and trader’s talk.
Basically, you got some advanced technical analysis tools plus the ability to keep up with market movements in real time. Just like the MT4, you can use this platform through the web or on your mobile device.

What do we think?

Having MT4 and xStation 5 platforms at your disposal is a great advantage. With either of the platforms, you can lessen the risk of falling for a loss-making trade. You’re also up for better understanding since there’ll be more context to the market, so to speak.

Overall, this broker gives you the chance to take advantage of technology and make trades work on your favor. Commissions are low, spreads are tight, and trading conditions are favorable. All these help you boost your winning power and be a more successful trader. These are why XTB is a great choice for a trader.
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