Yahoo Japan Splits with Ivory

Japan: View of Yahoo! Japan with Japanese people.

Japan: View of Yahoo! Japan with Japanese people.

Today, Japanese internet company Yahoo! Japan Corporation announced a complete prohibition on ivory trade on all its e-commerce programs. The constraint will be in effect November this year.

The news appeared at the 18th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES CoP18). It is currently ongoing in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference said it was due to elephant stealing and ivory trade issues that have been in the international limelight.

Yahoo! Japan’s declaration came subsequent to the enduring discussions over WWF Japan.

Meanwhile, there is careful consideration of the evidence. The data were gathered through TRAFFIC’s regular overseeing of the ivory trade on the company’s online platforms.

A TRAFFIC study released in 2018 recognized Yahoo! Japan as the single biggest online platform for elephant ivory sales in Japan.

It has a record of an astounding 4,414 ivory items plus 35 whole tusks. Everything is exceeding USD340,000 in total.

The company also sold the items in over four weeks in June and July 2018.

TRAFFIC’s ongoing monitoring exposed an insufficient effective guideline over online trade.

This is together with the evidence of both domestic and international illegal trade, although domestic ivory trade in Japan is not banned.

Given the elevated dangers of online trade, WWF Japan and TRAFFIC have been persuading the e-commerce companies to present a voluntary ban on ivory trade.

Companies including Rakuten Inc., and Mercari Inc. already observed this call and adopted a ban in 2017. This is with GMO Pepabo Inc. following suit in early 2019.

Now, the country’s internet giant, Yahoo! Japan, has associated with them. They have sealed the private sector’s energy towards restraining online ivory trade in Japan.

South Korea Commanded Japan Ambassador’s to Restrain Trading

Elsewhere, South Korea wanted Japan’s ambassador to protest a decision in removing Seoul’s fast-track export status. This has taken effect on Wednesday amid an excavating political and economic grudge.

Japan released South Korea from a so-called “white list” of favored trade partners this month.

This possibly will mean more paperwork and on-site examinations for some Japanese exporters and potentially slow supplies of a variety of goods.

On Wednesday, the move came into force. It has prompted South Korea to dismiss Japan from its chosen trading list and cast an intelligence-sharing agreement.

South Korean deputy national security adviser Kim Hyun-Chong indicated it was deeply in regret. This is regarding Japan’s decision to scrap fast-track export status for South Korea that has taken effect.

In a news conference, Kim said, South Korea would be eager to reconsider its decision.

This is in regard to ending the intelligence-sharing deal if Tokyo corrected its “unjust measures.”

He also added, “I want to stress the ball is in Japan’s court.”

Late last year, the connection between the two countries worsened.

The conflict happened after South Korea’s Supreme Court ordered reimbursement for some Koreans forced to work at Japanese firms during Japan’s 1910-45 occupation.

The mounting row has raised U.S. fears about the three-way security cooperation. This is with its top two regional associates in the face of North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile programs.

On Tuesday, a senior State Department official said that Washington anticipates the argument has hit “rock bottom” and the countries will start to rebuild their relationship.

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