Fri, December 01, 2023

YouTube allows parents to give limited access to kids

Youtube video service on laptop screen close-up.

YouTube announced that it would launch a new supervised experience in beta. It will have new features and settings for regulating types of content that older children can access on the platform. It would be introducing new options for parents of tweens and teens, which will give non-adults more freedom than a YouTube Kids account but will allow parents to give limited access to YouTube content.

Content limitations will be based on the selection of one of three categories.

  • Explore will offer videos suitable for kids 9 and older.
  • Explore More will introduce them into a category with videos for kids 13 and older.
  • Most of YouTube will show them almost everything except age-restricted and issues that might be sensitive to youth.

YouTube Kids was launched in 2015, giving parents a safe option to control their children’s watch-list. According to the platform, growing children have insatiable curiosity and need to achieve independence and find new ways to learn.

The new feature will start with beta testing in the coming months

The company announced it would use a blend of machine learning, human review, and user input to vet content. This is the same system that YouTube was using before.

However, it’s essential to mention that the problem is that YouTube’s platform, like those of other social media giants, is too big to adequately moderate. Any mistake can send kids down a rabbit hole of conspiracies whether they were looking for them or not. Moreover, it’s likely that teens and tweens will probably find a way to watch whatever content they want to watch despite how kid-proofed the home computer is anyway.

The new feature will start with beta testing in the coming months. It will allow parents to give kids access to YouTube through a supervised Google Account to manage content settings and provide limited features.


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