YouTube Took a Stance Against Trump’s Lawyer


Rudy Giuliani is no stranger to scandals. Interestingly, the former New York Mayor and current personal attorney of Donald Trump is a vocal proponent of baseless allegations of widespread fraud in the presidential election. The world’s largest video platform made an interesting decision. YouTube decided to suspend Rudy Giuliani from a program that allows partners to make money from ads on their videos. Interestingly, Giuliani broke YouTube’s rules by repeatedly sharing election misinformation.

The suspension will last at least 30 days and has been in effect since last week. People should take into consideration that YouTube’s Partner Program allows video creators to share ad revenue and receive support from a company team. However, channels that violate company policies can be removed.

As mentioned earlier, Rudy Giuliani supports unfounded allegations of widespread fraud in the presidential election. Importantly, in a series of news conferences as well as court hearings after the election, his team pushed allegations of voter fraud that had already been invalidated.

YouTube and politics

It is worth mentioning that, legal experts criticized Rudy Giuliani’s election challenges as an embarrassment based on unfounded claims. People should keep in mind that YouTube policies prohibit content alleging that widespread fraud or errors altered the result of a U.S. presidential election. Users must be aware of this fact.

Trump’s personal lawyer could appeal his suspension with YouTube or reapply to the Partner Program in 30 days if Rudy Giuliani addresses the underlying issues.

As stated above, Giuliani is no stranger to scandals. This week, Dominion Voting Systems filed a lawsuit against Giuliani. As a reminder, Dominion Voting Systems is the producer of equipment used in the elections. According to the company, it suffered a reputational loss due to a big lie spread by Giuliani. Interestingly, the company is not alone when it comes to lawsuits.

According to Rudy Giuliani, he would investigate a countersuit against the company, which he accused of intimidation as well as censorship.

Giuliani, as well as other users, must respect YouTube and its policies. There is no need to spread unverified information about the U.S. presidential election. Moreover, Dominion Voting Systems made the right decision, as the company wants to defend its reputation. It makes sense as no company wants to suffer losses due to conspiracy theories. Giuliani should work with YouTube to address all issues.

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