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Who Is the Best Broker ( is a leading media platform that freshly delivers market information through diverse materials. These materials will help guide our clients through the trading process and aid in improving their trading execution. Though the company does not provide actual trading services, promotes leading brokerage firms that suit the objectives and needs of the clients. The company also aims to cater to different types of investors, ranging from beginners to experienced individuals.

We provide the latest news and videos straight from the Financial Industry. Our aim is to deliver the most relevant and trustworthy information about important topics. They include the economy, technology, forex, stocks, crypto, and other areas that are relevant to the modern economy and business.

Our goal is not to answer the question: “Who is Best Broker?” but rather to provide every
trader with relevant and up-to-date information about a particular broker. We also aim to
inform individuals about current events and market news. is committed to delivering the highest standards of quality right at your
fingertips, enabling you to make the right trading and investment decisions.

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Alexander Zane

Alexander worked for five years at the NYSE before his career as a financial analyst. He has been working for three years as a journalist covering the stock exchange and forex trading topics. Mr. Zane has graduated from NYU School of Business, specializing in macroeconomics.

Our Authors

Amanda Hansen

Is our senior reporter writing on Economy News. Ms. Hansen is a Georgetown graduate specializing in economic and political sciences. Her Ph.D. concentrates on the market impact on the global economy.

Anna Dupont

Anna is a financial advisor with 10 years of experience in the US market. As our junior contributor, she shares her passion for business analytics. Mrs. Dupont graduated from the University of Brown with a major in finance and accounting.

David Burton

David is a graduate of NYU Stern School of Business with special Interests in financial services and financial technology. He has vast experience in working with companies in the field of fintech, blockchain, and analytics.

Ellena Hill

Ellena is our junior reporter, an economic expert, and Brandeis graduate specializing in Economic development. Her Ph.D. focuses on regional economics. She has devoted the last five years working on various development finance projects in Asia and Europe.

George Papadakis

George Papadakis is our senior writer and a graduate of Rice University. With over 15 years of working in corporate finance, he focuses on the stock market and its repercussion for corporate management.

Lana De La Rosa

Lana De la Rosa got into the world of the economy because her family never had the time to think about investment. After all, they worked too much to survive. She decided she’ll learn everything she can and share the knowledge with others, so you can be more informed, now that the internet exists.

Sophie Campbell

Sophie Campbell loves numbers, but working in a bank wasn’t her thing. After years of working as a manager, she decided to put her knowledge into practice soon enough, and others started asking for advice. She then decided she wanted to write about everything going on in the economy and the stock market because, in the end, money makes the world go round.

Nicholas Turner

Nicholas Turner followed the footsteps of his father and was always fascinated by the way the economy works. He became a broker when he realized how much potential there is in the stock market, and now he’s happy to share his advice with others.

Terry Archer

is our senior analyst and education writer. After running many hedging strategies for buy-side companies, he focuses on the companies’ stock performance and financial modeling. Mr. Archer earned an MBA from the University Of Chicago Booth School Of Business.

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