Economic calendar

WiBestBroker’s real-time Economic Calendar is a complete, accurate, and timely economic calendar of the Forex market. All the data received updates 24h a day, five days a week.
For fundamental and news traders, this is a must.

Suppose you want to trade Forex through fundamental analysis. In that case, you first have to check how world economies are doing, based on their macroeconomics data (GDP, employment reports, consumption data, inflation, etc.), and closely watch the countries of the currency pairs you want to trade.

Even if you do not care about macroeconomics when trading, it is still a handy tool.

You should avoid bad surprises and check when high volatility events are expected to be released to better manage your trades.

Significant news events can cause big swings with a single movement impacting trades by several percent in one direction or the other.

Real-Time Economic Calendar


How to Read the Economic Calendar


The calendar displays all events in chronological order. Moreover, it is divided by the dates. A light grey square shows you where we stand at the moment and below that line, all the upcoming data is displayed. When new data becomes public, the economic calendar automatically undergoes a refresh.


A flag icon and the 3-letter country code indicates the country of the economic data release. In fact, you can quickly check and see what currencies will be affected today or on some specific days.


The events have marks and coordinate according to their level of importance, using colors like grey, yellow and red squares. The event’s impact is an essential indicator of the potential move that a data release can trigger on the currency. Shall a bar be red, market observers expect this data to have a significant probability of moving the market. But if this square is grey, the likelihood is viewed as low. While yellow is just somewhere in between.


You will find the Previous numbers (Prev) for all the indicators meaning the data in its last release (it can be for the previous month, previous trimester…). When the Actual data (Act) becomes public, it can appear green or red. Green indicates that the data outcome ended up better than the forecast, while red means the data ended up doing worse than predicted.

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