Soltechx Review

Soltechx Review
General Information
Broker Name: Soltechx
Broker Type: Forex and CFDs
Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Operating since year: 2021
Regulation: N/A
Address: First Floor St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Broker status: Active
Customer Service
Phone: +43720143717
Languages: English
Availability: 24/7
The Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account: No
Mobile trading: Yes
Web-based trading: Yes
Bonuses: No
Other trading instruments: Yes
Minimum deposit: $250
Maximal leverage: 1:400
Spread: Floating
Scalping allowed: Yes


  • General Information & First Impressions
  • Fund and Account Security
  • Registration at Soltechx
  • The Trading Accounts
  • Soltechx’s Trading Platform 
  • Funding and Pricing
  • Trading Products at Soltechx
  • Customer Service at Soltechx
  • Conclusion

Broker Review: Soltechx

Broker Review: Soltechx


General Information & First Impressions

Soltechx is a new contender in the online brokerage market, offering trading services on various assets. The broker’s services revolve mostly around forex trading, but other products are also present via CFDs. Soltechx operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, or more precisely First Floor St Vincent Bank Ltd Building, James Street, Kingstown. As a new broker, Soltechx provides an exciting opportunity for traders, as it needs to make a name for itself. Our Soltechx review will tell you all you need to know as a potential customer.

For starters, we’re glad to see that Soltechx is one of the more transparent and to-the-point newer brokerages. Usually, new brokers like to go for flashy looks, which easily catch your eye and demand attention. Soltechx is much more toned down and lets its service speak for itself. That approach has numerous advantages and is much more user-friendly than the other one. It shows us that Soltechx is confident that the service will sell itself.

However, that’s not the only good thing about the method of setting up. Namely, navigation is much easier than with other brokers since there are no excess promotive web pages. Every web location is packed with relevant content and information, making the broker easier to explore. Furthermore, the information is much more clear-cut, as you don’t have to scroll for ages or read walls of text to find what you need. That makes it much easier to quickly inspect Soltechx and decide whether it’s for you.

We like when brokers don’t mess around and simply tell you what you want to know. It makes our job easier, and it shows that it treats its users with the respect they deserve. Needless to say, our Soltechx review is off to a good start.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

When looking for a new broker, you need to consider security before anything else. Namely, since retail trading has spread quite a bit in recent times, scam brokers have multiplied. As such, before choosing a brokerage to invest money with, you need to make sure it won’t misuse those funds. There are numerous examples of traders that have had their funds stolen by shady brokers. If you move around trading and investing circles, it’s fairly likely you personally know someone that got scammed.

That’s why our Soltechx review was very thorough when looking through the broker’s security. Our initial impression did make us doubt that the trader was anything less than honest, but that didn’t impact our inspection. Still, there’s very little you can point to and call concerning on

The broker is transparent, presenting all relevant information in spots where it makes sense. It doesn’t try and hide unflattering conditions or crucial info about its service and the company itself. That separates it from a lot of its peers that simply don’t write anything they feel traders wouldn’t 100% enjoy. That way, you end up with brokers that promise you the stars but deliver on very little, usually ending up sub-par. Soltechx, on the other hand, is clear about what it offers and puts the power into traders’ hands.

Furthermore, the broker’s legal documentation is clear, eliminating the chance of anything shady going on. Its outside security measures are also solid, with encryption on the website and authenticators for accounts. You won’t need to worry about anyone else accessing your account as long as you’re conscientious about your own cybersecurity.


Registration at Soltechx

Soltechx’s registration process is straightforward and has the nifty option of selecting your currency straight away. That overall increases the service efficiency by a bit and is a clever use of screen space. As far as the info you need to hand in, the broker is quite reasonable, asking for your phone and email for the initial stage. So you won’t need to turn over excessive personal info until you at least get to the KYC checks. That results in a quick signup process that doesn’t waste your time.


The Trading Accounts

Soltechx has four different account types arranged into tiers so each is a strict upgrade over the last. That setup is fairly standard, and most brokers pick it because it’s good at its purpose. In other words, it lets brokers improve the service for luxury users while remaining fair to those on tighter budgets. That’s exactly what Soltechx does, with a fair service across all of the different variations.

The later options add in extra luxury features and make pricing a bit better. However, the improvement isn’t so significant that you feel like you’re at a disadvantage if you don’t go for it. Even the baseline has some excellent and useful features, such as the 1-on-1 trading, which is usually reserved for expensive options. Here are some of the account properties at

The Trading Accounts


  • Online Financial Course
  • 1-on-1 training
  • 24/7 live support
  • Lot Size: 0.01


  • Online Financial Course
  • 1-on-1 training
  • EBook
  • 24/7 live support
  • Lot Size: 0.1


  • Online Financial Course
  • 1-on-1 training
  • EBook
  • 24/7 live support
  • Webinar
  • Analyst Manager
  • Lot Size: 0.2


  • Online Financial Course
  • 1-on-1 training
  • EBook
  • 24/7 live support
  • Webinar
  • Analyst Manager
  • Free VPS Service
  • Lot Size: 0.5

Soltechx’s Trading Platform 

Soltechx’s Trading Platform 

Another one of Soltechx’s advantages is its excellent proprietary platform. It’s clear the broker put great effort into constructing a platform that traders would actually enjoy. But beyond the intuitive UI making the platform enjoyable to use, it’s also packed with excellent features that help you when trading. Lastly, the platform is customizable to a large degree, with the ability to change commands and appearance.

Like most modern platforms, it’s available through phones, a web browser, or as a downloadable terminal. The peculiar thing is that the platform doesn’t lose any functionality as you switch between these three options. That’s especially great news for the ever-growing group of people that prefer to use their phones to trade. Broker platform features are usually limited on phones, so it’s great to see that Soltechx managed to solve that problem.


Funding and Pricing

The pricing at Soltechx is reasonable, with the broker fudning itself via trading charges based on the size of your positions. That’s a fairly common method to do things, and is much less harmful than brokers that include secret charges. Soltechx’s spreads are tight, so the broker doesn’t take a massive cut, but it still keeps enough money to keep running. It also doesn’t have any predatory charges, such as deposit and withdrawal fees.

Furthermore, the deposits and withdrawals are quick, allowing an uninterrupted cash flow for customers. That minimizes the chances of you missing a trade because you’re waiting for your money to get to your account. As we already said earlier in our Soltechx review, it’s difficult to find clear-cut flaws to point towards.

Even the deposit and withdrawal methods are versatile enough to please a vast majority of traders. There are numerous options, with choices inside every popular category (cards, e-wallets, wire).


Trading Products at Soltechx

Another advantage that has over other brokers is the variety of asset choices it offers to its customers. While the broker focuses on forex, it also has assets from all the other major trading categories via CFDs. That means the broker can provide an excellent trading experience no matter your trading product preference. Furthermore, the library is quite deep for each product, so the broker supports both standard and experimentative trading. Here’s a list of the trading instrument classes at Soltechx:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies


Customer Service at Soltechx

Soltechx’s support team works longer than the usual broker’s, extending the operating hours from 24/5 to 24/7. That significantly helps traders that trade in off-hours or those that put off issues until after trading hours. Naturally, that only applies to problems that can be delayed and not urgent things that halt your trading. Still, the setup shortens the response time by a significant margin. You can reach the broker via phone or email.


Phone: +43720143717



Soltechx is a broker that relies on its own merit instead of cheap tricks to attract users. That’s a lot to say in the current brokerage world, where many brokers put blind profit first. That’s not to say Soltechx can’t earn money, and the business model is much more stable than the usual broker. It also translates to a vastly better experience for those that decide to use the broker’s services. Soltechx doesn’t treat you like just a number, instead caring about each customer that signs up.

That leads to numerous advantages. The trading experience is modular and overall has a high quantity of desirable features and conditions. The safety is also much better than with most new companies, promising that user funds stay intact. We’re extremely content with the broker’s overall service and would like to see where it goes in the future. To wrap up our Soltechx review, we’d like to suggest trying out the broker if you’re in search of a new one.

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