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John Marley

John Marley is our junior contributor that focuses on Forex and equity markets. Before becoming an independent financial adviser, Mr. Marley graduated at EAE business school. His experience includes working for the brokerage and banking sector.

Broker News

MyFlashFunding Partners with ASIC-Licensed Brokers

MyFlashFunding, based in the US, today (Monday) disclosed its collaboration with an ASIC-supervised broker for its global clients. The ASIC, a leading authority in financial regulation, oversees this broker. Despite the announcement, the prop firm kept the broker’s identity confidential. It’s also still determined whether the services will be under the ASIC’s watch or a …

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Xeodis Review

Xeodis Review

Revue du courtier Xeodis In the digital age, where the boundaries of global finance are ever-expanding, the choice of a brokerage can redefine the trading experience. Our Xeodis review explores a beacon for traders, blending unparalleled access to worldwide markets with a fortress of security features. Furthermore, the platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a …

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Scalp Trading vs Swing Trading: Speed or Stamina in the Market?

Scalp Trading vs Swing Trading: Speed or Stamina in the Market?

Scalp Trading vs Swing Trading: Speed or Stamina? Scalp trading and swing trading represent two distinct approaches to the markets, each with its own set of strategies, time commitments, and risk profiles.   Swing trading vs Scalp trading, which one is better? We need to start from the beginning in order not to miss important details.  …

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Full-Service Broker Benefits: Navigating Wealth with Expertise

Full-Service Broker: Navigating Wealth with Expertise

A full-service broker is a financial professional or firm that offers a wide range of services to their clients beyond simply executing trades. What’s important, these brokers provide personalized investment advice, research, financial planning, and other services to help clients manage their wealth effectively.  While they offer numerous benefits, there are also some drawbacks to …

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Plus500 Announces $100M Stock Repurchase.

In a recent announcement, Plus500 disclosed an incremental $100 million earmarked for stock repurchases unveiled Tuesday by the London-traded brokerage. This initiative is part of its shareholder remuneration scheme, which includes a hefty $75 million dividend payout. Stellar Shareholder Rewards Amidst Lower Revenue Amid a fiscal 2023 closing with group revenues dipping to $726.2 million, …

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Funding Pips Operation Halt – Blackbull Cuts Ties

Prop trading has taken yet another hit as Funding Pips unexpectedly ceased operations, a development revealed to clients as “imperative immediate maintenance.” The company halted trading abruptly and severed services. Blackbull’s Influence in the Mix Blackbull Markets, the sole broker for Funding Pips, ended its association abruptly. A Blackbull spokesperson stated they had to stop …

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TipRanks Financial Tools Hit the Georgian Market

TBC Capital, a prominent financier in Georgia, has incorporated TipRanks’ exclusive financial tools into their platform. The new development has expanded offerings to its clientele through elite financial information and instruments. TipRanks touts its service as providing “The kind of financial data normally exclusive to hedge funds and wealth-heavy institutional investors.” TBC Adds TipRanks’ Features …

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CFI Secures Deal with Paris Saint-Germain

The CFI Financial Group has forged a strategic alliance with the celebrated soccer team Paris Saint-Germain that will extend through June 2026. This deal marks a key achievement in CFI’s strategic expansion initiatives. CFI and PSG: A Strategic Alliance through 2026 By partnering with PSG, CFI intertwines the realms of finance and top-tier sports, reflecting …

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Swissquote Launches New Stock Lending Program 

Swissquote, licensed as a Swiss broker and bank, recently rolled out an expansion of its services by offering a program for stock lending. The company made the announcement this past Thursday, stating that the program would enable customers to earn an excess of 5 percent on specific lent stocks. Swissquote Introduces Stock Lending In the …

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Luxtious Review

Luxtious Review

La revue Luxtious Greetings, financial enthusiasts, as we embark on a literary odyssey through the expansive waters of online trading, guided by the North Star – Luxtious. This isn’t your typical CFD broker; it is an ascent into a realm where trading transcends boundaries and reaches new heights. With a minimum deposit of $250, it …

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AllCapitalInc Review

AllCapitalInc Review

Обзор на Брокера: AllCapitalInc Recensione del broker 2024 AllCapitalInc: clicca qui per leggere AllCapitalInc Review – Introduction In the ever-shifting landscape of online trading, where financial decisions can shape the course of one’s future, finding a trustworthy partner is paramount. AllCapitalInc, standing at the crossroads of innovation and reliability, beckons traders into a sanctuary where …

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Vantage Embarks on “Fresh Start” with Website Redesign

The dawn of a new year typically prompts individuals and companies to commit to new beginnings. It is true of retail FX/CFD broker Vantage, who kicked off the year by launching a revamped website on Monday. The updated design and enhanced features seek to provide a better mobile browsing experience, acknowledging the role of mobile …

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Theinwestycja Review

Theinwestycja Review

Recenzja brokera Theinwestycja Theinwestycja Review: Introduction In the dynamic and ever-evolving realm of online trading, our recent research initiative has propelled us into a thorough investigation of As an online forex broker operating under robust regulations, Theinwestycja has not only captured our attention but prompted a detailed exploration, culminating in this extensive review. With …

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