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Terms & Conditions

Wibest Broker Terms And Conditions

The following describes the terms and conditions (referred herein as “Terms and Conditions”) with which (referred herein as “We,” “Us,” “the Company,” etc.) will govern the services/information provided to website users (referred herein as “You/r” or “the User”).

This Agreement is a legally binding contract between the User and the Company. The Company advises the User to read these Terms and Conditions carefully. This contains important information over Your legal rights in terms of the website’s usage.

By continuing to use the website, and all instances thereof, You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

All other legal documents (Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Risk Warning, Copyright, etc.) in relation to the website shall be applied to Your usage.

All information, market news, educational materials, reviews, and similar contents are not to be used for any commercial purposes on the User’s side.

User Access

You are for maintaining the methods by which You access the website. The Company is not responsible for any fees necessary to access the website. You, as the user, shoulder all the risks related to the use of the website and its content.

In the course of Your usage, technical problems may arise and other conditions may prevent you from accessing the website. The Company is not liable for any such technical failures or malfunctions and other similar computer- or internet-related problems.

Market Information

The market information provided on the website is not considered to be investment advice. Blogs, articles, news, and educational materials found on the website are provided for the User’s convenience only. The accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of such information are not guaranteed and must be considered solely by the User.

The Company holds the rights to change, update, or retain any market information without prior notice to the User. Wibest Broker also has the right to discontinue providing market information any time it is necessary, and it is not liable for any losses or damages caused by such discontinued service.

Market Information

By visiting, accessing, or using the website, you automatically agree and accept the Privacy Policy, as well as the aforementioned Terms and Conditions.

By the continued use of the website, You are providing your consent to the collection and use of information by the Company.

Information Type

Wibest Broker collects non-personal information through Your usage of the website. These include Your approximate geo-location, web requests, browser type, browser language, platform type, and other similar data. The collection of such information is done for security purposes.

Use Of Cookies

The website uses cookies to collect and store non-personal information. Cookies refer to small text files placed on Your device that enable the website to record Your browsing and website preferences. You can turn off cookie usage on the settings. However, by doing so, some features of the website may not be available to You.

Third Parties

In order to maintain the services and operations, some of the information gathered through cookies is shared with trusted third parties. Such parties include:

Third parties who provide analytics, email service providers, and data checkers; and
Third parties who provide the website management services.


The information, educational materials, news, and analyses posted on the website are not to be used as guaranteed recommendations or investment/market advice, nor can they be used for commercial purposes.
You are solely responsible for deciding the suitability or appropriateness of the website’s content. You are held responsible for any damages, losses, or expenses you incur as a result of the usage of information from the website. Wibest Broker should not be held liable for such damages. 

Risk Warning

Trading in the financial markets comes with a significant amount of risk of losing some or your entire investment amount and may not be suitable for all types of investors. Prices are usually volatile and may be affected by factors like regulatory, financial, or political events. You are solely responsible for assessing your experience and knowledge. 


All information, educational tools and materials, images, logos, trademarks, and content found on the website are protected by applicable copyright laws and regulations. These should not be used for unintended purposes unless otherwise permitted by the Company.

You are not allowed to use or license the website and any of its trademark content without written permission from the Company.