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About the Live Trading Room

Euro to Dollar (or EUR/USD) is the exchange rate of euro expressed in dollars and belongs to major currency pairs. The Euro-Dollar pair is popular with traders because its constituents represent the world’s two largest and most influential economies.

According to the interbank market’s statistics, the U.S. Dollar is involved in more than 85% of forex trades while the Euro in 39% of forex transactions. Euro to Dollar makes up to 30% turnover of the whole forex interbank market. Thanks to this, Euro to Dollar pair is the most liquid forex pair, usually with the lowest spread. This creates an excellent trading environment for various trading strategies.

The most volatile trading periods for the Euro to U.S. Dollar are London and New York trading sessions (and especially when the sessions overlap). Trading time for EUR/USD currency pair is 10:00 PM Sunday to 10:00 PM Friday (UK time). Movements on the euro to the dollar are driven by various economic announcements that occur throughout the day.

Euro to U.S. Dollar is the most popular and widely traded currency pair in the world. EUR/USD is a pair that fits all investor profiles.

Live EUR/USD Forex Calendar

One of the main fundamental factors that significantly influence this currency pair is the EU and US interest rates, US Nonfarm Payrolls, US Unemployment rate, GDP reports, minutes of monetary policy meetings, and the European Central Bank (ECB) governor and Federal Reserve Chairman speeches.

Everybody trading the EUR/USD currency pair should have in mind that the European Central Bank controls the EU countries’ common monetary policy. In turn, it regulates the change in interest rates. The significant difference between the Eurozone and the United States’ interest rates could strongly affect the EUR/USD quotes course. In terms of volatility, the Euro to the U.S. Dollar currency pair, on average, has a daily range of 70-100 points.

The economic news on the Euro is published most often in the morning and 11:00 (GMT+1), and business news on the U.S. Dollar (USD) are mostly at 14:30 and 16:00 (GMT+1).

Live Euro to Dollar Exchange Rate and Chart

The Euro to U.S. Dollar charts update live and set to candlestick charts and 1-hour time frame. Use the live trading chart with the latest Eurozone and the U.S. news, and forex education, to trading on the EUR/USD currency pair.

Follow real-time Euro to the US Dollar rates:


Technical Analysis

EUR/USD trading signal from, based on 11 oscillators and 17 Moving Averages.



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