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EU and European Commissions

EU Governments and Asset-Backed Crypto Assets

Recently, governments of the five European Union (EU) countries all backed the European Commission’s intent to draft regulation for asset-backed crypto assets, notably stablecoins....
bank of france

Bank of France, Tech Companies, and a CBDC

The governor of the Bank of France, Francois Villeroy de Galhau mentioned interesting details in his speech. He attended the Bundesbank conference on September...
Ukraine and crypto market

Ukraine as a Global Leader in Crypto Adoption

Ukraine is a former Soviet republic, that gained independence in 1991. This country located in Eastern Europe is a global leader in crypto adoption...
Ukraine and other countries

Crypto Adoption Index 2020 and Unusual Leader

Cryptocurrencies are quite popular around the world. According to the Global Crypto Adoption Index 2020, Ukraine is a global leader when it comes to...
Mastercard and new opportunities

Mastercard Created a Proprietary Tool for Central Banks

Central banks are willing to learn more about cryptocurrencies. According to the Bank of International Settlements, more than 70% of central banks are exploring...

Mastercard and Central Bank Digital Currency

American multinational financial services corporation made an interesting announcement on Wednesday. According to this announcement, Mastercard released a proprietary tool targeted to central banks...
Just eat and crypto payment

French Restaurants, Bitcoin, and a Major British Company

The coronavirus pandemic created a lot of problems for the restaurants, as they suffered huge losses. Nevertheless, thanks to various delivery platforms it is...
Just Eat and cryptocurrencies

Just Eat, Cryptocurrency Payment Provider, and Restaurants

A major British online food order and delivery platform, Just Eat made life easier for people. Just Eat added cryptocurrency payment support for its...
Russian Crypto market and Binance

Binance, World’s Largest Crypto Exchange, and Russian Market

Crypto-related companies are trying to come with new ideas and the world’s largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume is not an exception. Recently,...
Binance Card in Russia

Binance Card and Upcoming Ban on Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrency giant Binance is the world’s largest crypto exchange in the world when it comes to daily trading volume. The cryptocurrency giant plans to...
Crypto in Latin America

Crypto Transactions Around the World

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, and others have the potential to address several issues. Recently, a blockchain analytics firm published new research that once more...
Crypto exchanges and Blockchain analytics firm

Blockchain firm, Crypto Transactions, and Various Markets

A blockchain analytics firm from New York called Chainalysis published new research that contains many interesting details. According to Chainalysis, the volume of crypto...
Swiss canto and crypto

Evolution of Crypto Industry in Switzerland

Switzerland is a developed country which is famous for its banking system. However, the country has the opportunity to become a leader in the...
Swiss Canton of Zug, Taxes, and Cryptocurrencies

Swiss Canton of Zug, Taxes, and Cryptocurrencies

Crypto companies gained popularity in Switzerland thanks to its favorable regulation as well as a positive attitude toward cryptocurrencies.  The Swiss canton of Zug...
The importance of crypto education in India

Indian Crypto Exchange Wants Educate Local Population

People all over the world step-by-step learn more about cryptocurrencies. However, the process of crypto adoption is far from being over, in many countries...


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