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Sahyadri Farmers Producer Co.and blockchain

How to Improve Transparency Thanks to Blockchain

India is a huge country in terms of population as well as potential and it is hard to imagine such as a big country...
Farm producer organization and blockchain

Indian Farmer Producer Organization and Blockchain

Agriculture is very important for the Indian economy. The world’s second-most populous country has the potential to modernize this sector thanks to new technologies....
Expedia Group and cryptocurrencies

Crypto Travel Platform Expanded its Services continues to expand its services. Last year, the crypto travel platform reached an agreement with As a result, added more than...
Expedia and crypto industry

Expedia and Crypto Travel Platform

The crypto industry continues to develop thanks to various projects. An American online travel shopping company Expedia Group partnered with crypto travel platform
Binance and its report

Binance Released a Report about Online Investment Schemes

On June 30, a major crypto exchange Binance released a report about crypto scams. It is worth mentioning that Binance formed Binance Sentry in...
State-backed digital currency

Lithuania and the first Central Bank-Produced Digital Coin

The sharp decline in the use of cash, as well as the prospect of billions of Facebook users adapting its digital currency Libra, has...
Crypto exchanges and cyber-security

CoinGecko and its Trust Score Algorithm

There are numerous cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. Some of them are famous while others are less popular. However, when it comes to cryptocurrency...
Cybersecurity and new crypto exchanges

Cryptocurrency Market Data aggregator CoinGecko and Hacken

There is no shortage of cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it is quite hard to choose the cryptocurrency exchange due to numerous reasons. Nevertheless, thanks to...
Crypto owners and loss of funds

Blockchain Startup Developed a Unique Feature

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others offer a number of advantages compared with fiat currencies. However, there is a serious problem regarding the...
Kirobo and its Retrievable Transfer feature

Blockchain Startup Kirobo and Retrievable Transfer feature

Blockchain startup from Israel developed made an important announcement on Tuesday. According to the press release, Kirobo developed a technology to prevent the loss...
Crypto derivatives giant and corporate clients

Crypto Derivatives Giant from Hong Kong and its Program

BitMEX is one of the largest derivatives exchanges in the world. Importantly, the crypto derivatives giant from Hong Kong is launching a new program...
Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and new opportunities

Crypto Derivatives Exchange BitMEX and Corporate Clients

Cryptocurrencies step-by-step became part of everyday life. However, cryptocurrency derivatives exchange from Hong Kong decided to create something new to make life easier for...
Cryptocurrencies and legal aspects

Crypto Industry in Asia and Main Challenges

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages and the crypto industry is not an exception. Importantly, some of the criminal groups or individuals started to...
Thai authorities and illegal activities

Thai Authorities, Drug Networks, and Crypto-Related Crimes

Illegal activities such as drug trafficking, money laundering, and others represent a serious challenge for law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, some of the criminal groups...
Crypto industry in Australia

Cryptocurrency Exchange and Australians

Australia has the potential to develop the crypto industry. Hopefully, local cryptocurrency exchange is actively working to reach this goal. Recently, this exchange...


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