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Australian Dollar: Unemployment Hits 3.7%, 116.5k Jobs Added

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Quick Look:

  • Unemployment rate decreased to 3.7% from 4%, dipping below the 12-month average.
  • AUD/USD rate surpassed 66 cents, aiming for the 0.6650/60 zone.
  • Australian 3-year bond yield saw up to a 9 basis point drop.
  • An expected job addition of 40,000 could lower unemployment to 4.0%.

Australia’s employment landscape has recently presented compelling evidence of economic resilience. The unemployment rate experienced a significant decrease to 3.7% from the previous month’s 4%. This reduction surpasses expectations and settles below its 12-month moving average, signalling a robust labour market recovery. The surprising contraction in full-time jobs observed in December, which had pushed unemployment to a 2-year peak, reversed with February’s remarkable job growth.

February’s Boom: 116.5k Jobs, 78.2k Full-Time

The Australian labour market witnessed a surprising turn of events in February, as the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%. This was attributed to the addition of 116.5k jobs, with 78.2k being full-time positions. The transition from December’s worrying full-time job reduction to a thriving employment scene underscores the economy’s resilience. Moreover, the AUD/USD exchange rate experienced a bullish surge, breaking above 66 cents, buoyed by the positive employment report. This currency movement hints at increased investor confidence in the Australian economy.

Bond Yields Adjust 3-Year Drops Up to 9 Points.

In the bond market, the Australian 3-year bond yield initially fell 9 basis points before stabilizing later with a 6 basis point reduction. This fluctuation reflects market participants’ reactions to domestic employment data and broader economic indicators, including the Federal Reserve’s decision to maintain the Federal Funds rate. Moreover, the Fed’s steady stance and mixed PMI figures shape the global economic landscape, influencing investor sentiment and currency values.

More Jobs Could Lower Australian Dollar to 4%

Analysts anticipate adding 40,000 people to Australia’s workforce, potentially lowering the unemployment rate to 4.0%. This optimistic forecast aligns with upcoming economic indicators from both Australia and the US, including Services PMI and jobless claims. The expected rise in US initial jobless claims further compounds the anticipation surrounding these reports, setting the stage for potential market movements.

AUD/USD Bullish Momentum: Potential Resistance Ahead

The AUD/USD pair’s recent bullish momentum and trading positions above significant moving averages present a positive outlook for the Australian dollar. However, potential resistance at the $0.67003 level may test this optimism. Nevertheless, the currency’s strength against favourable employment data and economic indicators suggests a continuing upward trend.

Australia’s employment data and related economic indicators paint a picture of a recovering economy bolstered by a resilient labour market. The decrease in unemployment, alongside favourable movements in the AUD/USD exchange rate and bond yields, highlights a positive trajectory. Therefore, as investors and analysts look to future forecasts and technical analysis, the Australian economy’s resilience remains a beacon of optimism in the face of global economic challenges.


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