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Data Protection Policy: Verifiable Parental Consent

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The evolving landscape of data protection policy is a critical concern for tech giants and telecom operators. Jio, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea are concerned about the DPDP Act’s requirement for verifiable parental consent in children’s data processing.

Challenges in Implementing Data Protection Policy

One of the primary challenges faced by telecom operators is identifying whether an end consumer on their network is a minor. The DPDP Act mandates that data fiduciaries obtain verifiable parental consent before processing data of children under 18. However, the situation becomes complex when parents or guardians register SIM cards in their name for minors. To comply with the DPDP Act principles, telecom companies must establish a robust framework for seeking this consent.

Additionally, telecom operators need systems for obtaining user consent, further complicating their efforts to adhere to the new data protection regulations. The need for creating a model that ensures compliance with DPDP rules is another hurdle they must overcome. Incorporating data protection training is crucial for teams to understand the complexities of the DPDP Act and secure data effectively.

Clarity and Transition Period

In a closed-door meeting with officials from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Meity) and the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), telecom companies emphasised the need for clarity regarding the timing of DPDP rules. They also urged the government to provide a sufficient transition period once the rules are notified. Telecom operators commit to smoothly transitioning to the new data protection policy while safeguarding consumer service quality.

In conclusion, the telecom industry’s concerns regarding data protection policy compliance and verifiable parental consent are well-founded. Per the DPDP Act, data fiduciaries, including telecom operators, must adapt to the changing regulatory landscape. To successfully navigate these challenges, they must invest in data protection jobs and data protection training for their teams. Essential for telecom operators is a clear DPDP policy ensuring children’s privacy protection while maintaining uninterrupted service provision.


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