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Ethereum Price: What’s happening?


Ethereum Price: What’s happening?

Since its launch in 2015, Ethereum has garnered a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community. Ethereum, though, has the potential to really take off this time.

The answer is straightforward: scalability. The Ethereum network has been struggling with scaling for a while. But sharding has finally provided a solution, allowing it to execute transactions quicker and more effectively than ever.

How does this affect you? It does  if you’re looking to purchase or sell Ethereum (or any other cryptocurrency). This is the perfect time to do so! You should start researching hardware alternatives. Only if you plan to invest in ethereum mining.  This way you are prepared when everything goes live.

Ethereum has been able to maintain its price above $1,200, but $1,300 has proven to be a significant barrier. On Monday, ETH did go beyond the $1.3k price barrier, but it was unable to maintain the level after momentarily exceeding it by $2. We are now over 75% behind the peak because it last cleared that threshold on November 10, exactly one year after it reached its record high of $4,878.

Ethereum was down during the middle of the week as stocks fell and due to concerns about a recession. Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase, stated on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Tuesday that inflation in the US would cause the economy to enter a recession, which would further increase concerns. Major stock indices were also affected by layoff worries, which were primarily caused by US banks and media businesses that reduced their expected earnings, and the connected cryptocurrencies followed suit.

Glassnode data shows that Ethereum addresses with balances of 32 ETH, 1,000 ETH, and 10,000 ETH are all increasing, which is a bullish omen for the future.

What’s next for Ethereum?

The next significant advancement for Ethereum is known as “Shanghai.” It is anticipated to happen in the final quarter of 2022. Tim Beiko, a developer with Ethereum, wrote on Twitter. He wrote that the group has decided to “see Shanghai happen shortly. Ideally around March and  follow this with a fork focused around EIP-4844.” This indicates that the team’s main focus is on facilitating staking withdrawals, which will enable ETH stakers (and validators) to withdraw funds from the Beacon Chain.

Although EIP-4884, which relates to Surge, is not being pushed in the current upgrade, EVM Object Format (EOF), which will act as an upgrade to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, will (EVM). As gas costs for developers interacting with the network are reduced, this should result in some decreased network expenses. According to the present roadmap, sharding enhancements will result in much cheaper fees. However, these upgrades will be implemented gradually over the course of the following two years.



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