Fri, December 01, 2023

EU Tech: Safeguarding Critical Technologies

The street that connects the Council of the EU to the European Commission.

The European Union is actively securing its technological future in an era where technology shapes economies and security landscapes. Under the “EU Tech” banner, the European Commission is evaluating the risks posed by four critical technologies and, therefore, devising strategies to prevent their potential weaponisation by nations not aligned with EU values. The EU’s commitment to economic security mirrors global concerns about assertive nations, notably China, underlining its proactive stance. Let’s delve deeper into this endeavour and its implications.

Assessing Critical Innovative Technology EU Employs

The European Commission’s focus on assessing critical technology risks reflects a significant change in the EU’s technology supplies strategy. These critical technologies include semiconductors, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and biotechnologies encompassing vaccines and genome sequencing. By the end of this year, the Commission will collaborate with member states to conduct comprehensive risk assessments. This process will pave the way for tailored measures in the coming year, aiming to mitigate potential risks.

Potential Measures and Collaborations

The EU may implement export controls as part of its risk mitigation strategy to safeguard its critical technologies. Additionally, the EU is likely to seek partnerships with like-minded allies who share similar concerns about the weaponisation of these technologies. Countries like the United States and Australia are adopting a collaborative approach to counterbalance China’s tech sector influence effectively. Commission Vice President Vera Jourova and EU industry chief Thierry Breton will offer additional details in their upcoming press conference.

In conclusion, EU tech is a comprehensive strategy to safeguard the EU’s economic security in an era of rapidly advancing technology. The EU is actively assuming the role of a technology guardian, systematically identifying and evaluating risks and addressing critical technologies. This initiative reduces dependency and ensures that creative technology remains a driver of economic growth while maintaining security and alignment with EU values. Commission Vice President Vera Jourova and EU industry chief Thierry Breton are addressing critical tech issues, reaffirming the EU’s commitment.


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