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Iberdrola and Amazon’s Clean Power Deal on Wind Energy

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Quick Look:

  • Iberdrola and Amazon expanded their clean power partnership with a significant renewable energy agreement.
  • Amazon commits to procuring 159 megawatts (M.W.), bolstering its goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2025.
  • Digital partnership enhancements include advancements in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and smart grid technologies.

Iberdrola and Amazon have announced the expansion of their existing partnership. This collaboration underscores a shared commitment to environmental sustainability and technological innovation. The centrepiece of this enhanced partnership is the East Anglia THREE offshore wind farm in the U.K. With its 1.4 gigawatts (G.W.) capacity, the project will significantly augment the clean energy landscape.

East Anglia THREE: A 1.4GW Wind Power Marvel

Iberdrola and Amazon’s expanded alliance marks a critical step forward in the quest for sustainable energy solutions. This venture will see Amazon procuring 159 megawatts (M.W.) from the East Anglia THREE project, which will later translate to an impressive 700 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of clean electricity annually. This procurement is part of a broader initiative that includes additional Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for projects across Germany, the U.S., and other U.K. regions. These projects will contribute a staggering 54,000 GWh of renewable energy to Iberdrola’s portfolio.

The East Anglia THREE project, set to be the world’s second-largest offshore wind farm upon completion, is an engineering marvel. The farm will be located 69 km off the coast of Suffolk. It will consist of 95 Siemens Gamesa turbines, each with a 14.7 MW capacity. Therefore, this project represents a significant advancement in renewable energy technology. Besides, it is also a considerable economic investment, creating over 2,300 jobs during its construction phase and 100 long-term positions. Expected to be operational by 2026, it will power the equivalent of 1.3 million British homes.

Digital Innovations: Cloud & A.I. to Revolutionize Grids

Iberdrola and Amazon are deepening their digital collaboration in parallel with their renewable energy efforts. The “Journey to Cloud” program aims to migrate Iberdrola’s operations to Amazon Web Services (AWS). That way, leveraging cutting-edge computing and big data analytics. Moreover, this initiative will enhance cloud-based weather simulations and utilize Amazon Sagemaker’s A.I. and Machine Learning services to improve renewable energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the partnership will introduce smart grid technologies through an IoT platform, enabling enhanced data collection and network optimization in the U.K. Generative A.I. applications powered by Amazon Bedrock will also be crucial in enhancing customer experience and supporting field workers.

Strategic Shift: Iberdrola Eyes Grid Expansion

Amidst these developments, Iberdrola has announced a strategic shift in its investment focus, prioritizing expanding and upgrading power grids. This decision reflects the changing dynamics in the renewable energy market and positions Iberdrola as a leader in the utility sector. With an increased financial capacity, Iberdrola is set to channel significant investments into the U.S., Britain, and Brazil, focusing on less restrictive investment environments and higher returns.

Global Reach: 319MW German Wind Farms Included

The partnership between Iberdrola and Amazon is not limited to the U.K.; it extends globally with projects like the Baltic Eagle and Windanker offshore wind farms in Germany, providing Amazon with 319MW. In the U.S., the Osagrove Flats wind farm and the repowered Leaning Juniper IIA project further demonstrate the breadth and depth of this collaboration.

This expanded partnership between Iberdrola and Amazon is a testament to collaboration’s power in advancing renewable energy and technological innovation. It highlights the companies’ commitment to environmental sustainability. It paves the way for a future where renewable energy and digital advancements go hand in hand in shaping a more sustainable world.


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