Thu, December 08, 2022

Japanese Broker Rises Despite turbulent summer

Japanese broker’s stable transaction volumes this year

This summer has been quite turbulent and unstable in the trading community. Many brokers and trading providers announced a decline in buyer activity during this period.  Japanese Forex broker giant Gaitame is the only broker that reports solid volumes during these months. However, after a painful fall, it displayed a strong upraise in transaction volume. Recently, the broker has published its impressive trading volumes for the month of August.

Nevertheless, August noticeably restored sturdy trading for Gaitame and many broker companies.

The Japanese firm has already gained 498,028 accounts, by the end of August. The number grew by 0.4 percent in comparison to the number of accounts by the end of July, which was 496,234. The improvement volume is in line with the average monthly account growth.

Comparing the data from August of 2018, the deposit amount advanced. Last year’s August had a deposit amount of ¥113.7bil. Therefore, last month’s figure is considerably higher by 0.9 percent.

After analyzing at the deposit amount, the broker has reported that the strongest value all year is indeed in August. The deposit is slightly higher by 1.04 percent. The amount is at around $1.1 billion, which is approximately ¥114.8bil.

Japanese broker’s stable transaction volumes this year

So far, the Japanese broker has been trying to report stable transaction volumes this year. The most profitable month with the highest transaction level was January, with the volume of ¥272.2bill…, no other month has been able to come close to this figure, so far.

However, August managed to report a transaction volume of ¥270.9 billion. This is considerably higher than the ¥143.5bil. Transaction figure of July. In fact, it is higher by 88.8 percent on the monthly comparison. As a result, August of 2019’s transaction volume has grown by 27.2 percent.


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