Fri, December 01, 2023

Pakistan Economy News: Cnergyico Imports Crude Oil

Crude oil jumps on IEA supply shortfall warning

In the recent Pakistan economy news, a significant development has occurred as Cnergyico, the largest refinery operator in Pakistan, has imported the country’s first private-sector shipment of Russian crude oil.┬áPakistan is leveraging Moscow’s reduced oil exports to tackle its foreign exchange crisis and combat soaring inflation. Amid Russia’s oil export restrictions in Europe over Ukraine, Pakistan is capitalizing by diversifying energy sources to bolster its economy.

Expanding Energy Horizons

Cnergyico, operating Pakistan’s largest refinery at a capacity of 156,000 bpd, is poised to play a crucial role in this growth.┬áThis refinery accounts for one-third of Pakistan’s total refining capacity, 450,000 bpd. What sets Cnergyico apart is its ownership of a single-point mooring system, providing a streamlined approach to oil imports.

Cnergyico will process the imported Russian crude to produce gasoline and diesel, catering to domestic consumption. Additionally, the company plans to export furnace oil, commonly used in industrial boilers, power plants, and ship engines. Pakistan’s energy security is expected to strengthen through this resource diversification while contributing to its economic stability.

Pakistan is Boosting Imports from Russia

Currently, the West’s price cap on Russian oil is $100 per barrel; however, this does not affect Pakistan. Pakistan aims to import 100,000 bpd of Russian crude oil this year, a significant increase compared to last year’s total crude imports of 154,000 bpd. This move helps Pakistan meet its energy demands and address its foreign exchange challenges. The government made the first import payment in Chinese yuan, signalling growing economic ties between the two nations. Furthermore, a second government-to-government shipment of Russian crude is currently under negotiation, showcasing the commitment to this strategic partnership.

In conclusion, in the dynamic of Pakistan’s economy, the import of Russian crude oil by Cnergyico represents a significant milestone. Pakistan’s collaboration with Russia to diversify its crude oil sources will have far-reaching consequences, particularly in major cities in Pakistan. The unfolding of this strategic partnership will determine its significance in Pakistan’s economy news and its implications for the future of the Pakistan Russia economic relationship.


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