Wed, July 24, 2024

Twitter at Chaos: Musk Stirring the Chaos Pot

Musk Calms Investors Despite Negative Cash Flow

The recent departure of key Twitter executives responsible for content moderation and brand safety has exposed the company to an increased risk of hate speech.

On Thursday, an important personnel change took place as Ella Irwin, the Vice President of Trust and Safety, stepped down from her role. Subsequently, it was reported that A.J. Brown, the head of brand safety and ad quality, along with Maie Aiyed, a program manager involved in brand-safety partnerships, also left the company.

Since Elon Musk‘s acquisition of Twitter for approximately $44 billion seven months ago, the investment has proven to be a substantial financial loss. Musk has implemented significant workforce reductions and rolled back policies that previously imposed restrictions on the circulation of certain content. Consequently, numerous brands have suspended or reduced their advertising spending, a trend documented by various civil rights groups.

The 2023 Axios Harris reputation rankings position Twitter as the fourth most negatively perceived brand in the United States.

As the controversy surrounding Musk’s control over the company intensifies, concerns continue to mount.

Hate Speech and Twitter: What’s Happening

Elon Musk has downplayed concerns regarding the extent of hate speech on Twitter. During a Wall Street Journal event, he confidently stated that hate speech on the platform has diminished since he took charge of the company in October. Musk further asserted that Twitter has successfully curtailed “spam, scams, and bots” by a substantial 90% or more.

However, experts and individuals within the advertising industry have stated that there is no evidence to support these assertions. There have been suggestions that Twitter is deliberately impeding independent researchers who are attempting to monitor such metrics.

When approached for comment, the company did not respond to this particular story.

Since Musk’s involvement with Twitter, there has been a sense of chaos among Twitter employees and users. He has complicated basic functionalities and structures in an attempt to fulfill his megalomaniac tendencies.


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