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2021 – Crypto Winners and Losers

2021 - Crypto Winners and Losers

2021 – Crypto Winners and Losers

2021 was full of entirely unexpected changes. At the end of the year, the currencies were still divided into winners and losers. Since 2021, the full capitalization of the crypto market has increased 190%; from $800 million to $2.3 trillion. In early November, it reached an all-time high of $3 trillion. The three best cryptocurrencies in 2021 in terms of market capitalization:


Dogecoin has grown this year, primarily credited to Elon Musk’s secret posts on social media. On New Year’s Day, the price of DOGE was only $0.004; Consequently, most crypto traders were largely ignored. DOGE had its first slight shift in February. Prices rose sharply in April and May, pushing crypto market capital charts to fourth place. DOGE falls from this epic pump against both Bitcoin and the dollar. In terms of BTC, DOGE gained 2.100% per annum.


Solana tokens have also had a successful year in terms of profits. At the starting of 2021, the SOL was valued at just $1.52. But now, It trades a little over $150. This is an epic increase of further than 9,800% per annum. In early November, SOL reached an all-time high of $260. However, it retreated as markets began to adjust at the end of the year. SOL ranked fifth in the market capital charts after peaking fourth place. Compared to BTC, the currency gained 6.473% during the year.

Significant investments and increased acceptance in the wake of rising transaction prices on Ethereum have given impetus to Solana, who has also been touted as an Etherium killer. Solana Labs raised $314 million by selling a private token in June.


LUNA started the year at around $0.65 and was unknown primarily to retailers. Prices rose in March and May; however, they did not rise until August, when a massive pump pushed the LUNA to $77.73 in December. LUNA rose 5.815% against BTC this year. The rise in prices was mainly due to the rapid expansion of partners in the terrace ecosystem.

Top Crypto Losers

Internet Computer

Dfinity’s internet computer project exploded on stage this year after five years of covert development. He promised an internet revolution to replace the trillion-dollar legacy internet and IT industry. This allows developers to install their code directly on the public Internet without relying on third-party hosting firms.

Speculators were loaded on ICP tokens for the next big case of angry crypto; When they hit major exchanges in mid-May, prices soared to $700 in May. ICP prices practically fell and fell to $24.29 on December 4. In total, it decreased by 96% compared to the peak only seven months ago. Also lost 93% against Bitcoin.


EOS has already been released in the top ten of market capitalization on January 1. It continued to fall in the charts throughout the year. EOS prices gained only a tiny 15% during the year.’s once-voiced token traded for $3.25, dropping to 50th in market capitalization. It is currently 86% behind the all-time high of April 2018 – $22.71. In total, it lost 22% against BTC during the year. In early November, members of the EOS ecosystem expressed dissatisfaction with the direction of the network.


The privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Monero has also fallen sharply in the market capital charts this year. Numerous major exchanges have abolished digital assets that offer anonymity. XMR prices were only 17% this year and did not approach the all-time high of January 2018, at $524. It currently trades at around $183. The XMR fell 66% from this peak, dropping to 49th place. Monero has dropped 30% against Bitcoin since the starting of the year. Bitcoin has risen 67.5% year on year in terms of profit and loss. Ethereum gains 440%.



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