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Boris Johnson wins British Prime Minister Race

Wibest – British Prime Minister: Boris Johnson standing behind a podium.

Conservative Party hopeful, Boris Johnson, wins the race for the British Prime Minister election on Tuesday. The Brexit campaigner will take his post on Wednesday. Johnson effortlessly topped over his rival Jeremy Hunt in voting.

With a staggering 92,153 votes from members of the Conservative party, Johnson easily bagged the win. He acquired two-thirds of the 160,000 party members in the United Kingdom.

Johnson will formally be declared as the new British Prime Minister once Queen Elizabeth II requests him to form a government.

His full name is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, born in New York, United States. The 55-year-old politician gave up his American citizenship in the year 2016.

Johnson started as a journalist and has also served in the government as the mayor of London and as a foreign secretary.

The British politician exuded confidence and optimism as he gave his victory speech. Johnson faced hundreds of policymakers and party members as he celebrated.

He pledged to three points during his speech; to unite the country, direct Brexit, and defeat the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

According to Johnson, he will put up his Cabinet for modern Britain. Adding that he will add a record number of lawmakers from different ethnic backgrounds.

Pat on the Back

Wibest – British Prime Minister: Boris Johnson with his supporters behind him.

The new British Prime Minister received praise and wishes from other officials. Among many names is his rival Jeremy Hunt and the US President Donald Trump.

Conservative party member, Jeremy Hunt expressed his congratulations to Johnson. After an overwhelming defeat, he praised Johnson for putting smiles on other people’s faces.

In an interview, Hunt said that he is delighted for the UK that Boris was elected. He added that Johnson has an “unshakable confidence” for the country.

The new British Prime minister offered his competitor a job as the Defence Secretary in the new Cabinet. However, Hunt declined the offer and said that he will not accept anything apart from his current position as Foreign secretary.

Aside from Hunt, one of the most powerful men in the world has congratulated Johnson.

Donald Trump, President of the United States, tweeted his praise for the British politician. Trump tweeted that Boris will ‘do great’ as the new British Prime Minister.

The president said that Johnson is a good man; smart and tough. He also acknowledged that some people are calling Johnson as ‘Britain Trump’.

Boris Johnson has previously denounced the US President. The former mayor said that Trump was ‘out of his mind’ during a campaign in 2016.

Johnson’s comment came after Donald Trump ordered for total restriction to Muslims in the United States. Although, many critics of the British Politician have continued to compare Johnson to Trump.

Some are saying that the two’s recklessness and mortifying speeches are risky for politics. Others are pointing to the two’s physical similarities, such as their ‘mop-like hair’ and facial features.

Challenges Ahead

The freshly elected British Prime Minister will face several tests as he sits as the BPM.

The first challenge is the intensifying tension between the United Kingdom and Iran. The conflict between the two started in the Persian Gulf.

Just recently, the British-Flagged oil tanker dubbed at the Stena Impero was seized by Iran. Tehran claimed that the oil tanker violated international policies.

Theresa May has previously called an emergency meeting for the incident. Skeptics and the oil market are anxious about what steps Johnson will take once he is seated as PM.

The next hindrance is the resignation of British politicians after John’s win. Several officials have shown their protest for the BPM winner who bolsters a no-deal Brexit movement.

Rory Stewart said that he will resign on Wednesday once Boris wins the electoral race, following the steps of Hammond and Gauke.

Adding to the problem of the new BPM is the weakening pound sterling. The currency of the United Kingdom continues to lose it’s footing against other exchange pairs.

Pound traders are worried over the looming possibility of a tough Brexit while other currencies take advantage of its weakness.

And the last and most crucial hurdle is the delivery of Brexit.

The new British Prime Minister promised to renegotiate with the EU. He asked for three months to deliver his Brexit promise. Some anti-Brexit campaigners are skeptical about whether Johnson can keep his promise.

As the UK is set to leave the EU on Oct. 31 politicians, businessmen, and economists are warning the new BPM for the possible shock in Britain’s economy after the Brexit.

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