Mon, June 05, 2023

Experts Believe BTC Might Have Gotten Its Sparkle Back


As the U.S. currency rises, Robert Kiyosaki refers to Bitcoin as a “buying opportunity.” The best-selling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad suggested purchasing Bitcoin and two other commodities, warning that a U.S. currency crisis would take place by January.

Entrepreneur and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki has called Bitcoin (BTC), gold, and silver, “buying opportunities” as the dollar strengthens and interest rates continue to rise. The author has observed the price of three ingredients, commonly referred to as “shelter” assets. They then mentioned that by strengthening the American currency, they continue to fall and confirm their value until “Fed’s PM” tweeted on October 2 and reduced interest rates to his 2.1M followers.

Will the U.S. Dollar Fall Soon?

A day earlier, Kiasaki stated in an article that such a “reversal” could happen as early as January 2023, causing the dollar to “fall” like the recently devalued pound. Kiyosaki mentioned that he believes the American dollar could adopt the British pound sterling by January 2023, adding that he will not be a victim of the FED.

Kiyosaki once urged investors to “Get Bitcoin and rescue yourselves” in the wake of the Fed’s sudden, massive money creation activities in reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. Interestingly, Kiyosaki continues to like Bitcoin despite not thinking it has any value, as he stated in a recent Rich Dad interview. In his most recent tweet, the author appears to be supporting Bitcoin once more, writing that you will smile while others grieve when FED pivots and lowers interest rates like England recently did.

To achieve outsized profits over the long run, Kiyosaki emphasized the necessity to invest in digital assets immediately in a letter he sent to his mailing subscribers in September. In the letter, he mentioned that just wanting to go into crypto isn’t enough. Before the largest economic crisis in history, this is the time you need to start investing in cryptocurrencies.


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