Famous Carmaker Will Use Blockchain-Based Solutions

Daimler AG and new opportunities

Ocean Protocol made an important announcement. Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol focused on data collection, sharing, and monetization. It unveiled a pilot project created in cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler AG.

It is worth mentioning that Daimler AG’s South East subsidiary will use blockchain-based solutions. As a result, the South East subsidiary will gather and monetize the firm’s data.

Furthermore, the pilot project will demonstrate Ocean Protocol’s “Compute-to-Data” protocol. This “Compute-to-Data” protocol protects the privacy of Daimler’s data and, at the same time, allows third parties to analyze and aggregate the information.

Blockchain technology and Daimler AG

Ocean Protocol described this project as a scalable blueprint for deployment. Importantly, the pilot project is centered around Ocean Protocol’s ‘Compute-to-data’ solution. The goal is to enable companies to share, buy, as well as to sell data without jeopardizing privacy.Ocean Protocol and the new partnership

Daimler AG believes in the blockchain. Thanks to the blockchain, it is possible to unlock the value of data in a decentralized way.

Ocean Protocol’s wider vision is to coalign blockchain as well as artificial intelligence technologies with the compute-to-data offering. For instance, organizations can allow third parties to build artificial intelligence models on top of their data without risking exposure.

According to Ocean Protocol, Daimler had a clear vision regarding the blockchain technology. Most notably, blockchain can unlock data sharing and make operations more efficient.

Other carmakers should pay more attention to blockchain, as thanks to this technology it will be easier to adapt to the ever-changing environment in the modern world.

Last but not least, Daimler AG made the right decision when it decided to collaborate with Ocean Protocol. This step underlines the importance of new technologies to Daimler AG. Interestingly, Ocean Protocol also hopes to attract other major global firms. World-famous companies now have the opportunity to benefit from such projects.

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