FinancialCentre Review

FinancialCentre Review
General Information
Broker Name:FinancialCentre
Broker Type:CFD
Country:United Kingdom
Operating since year:2001
Address:6 Bevis Marks Building, Bury Court, London, United Kingdom
Broker status:Active
Customer Service
Phone: +442038077811 , +61391125949 , +6498844056 , +46812410204 ,
Trading platforms: Proprietary
Trading platform Time zone:GMT
Demo account:N/A
Mobile trading:YES
Web-based trading:YES
Other trading instruments:YES
Minimum deposit ($):250$
Maximal leverage:1:400
Scalping allowed:NO




Broker Review: FinancialCentre

General Information

General Information

FinancialCentre is a new brokerage company that offers customers trading services for various CFDs. The company operates from the United Kingdom, or more precisely 6 Bevis Marks Building, Bury Court, London. FinancialCentre started its operations in 2021 and has already gained significant traction with its intuitiveness and favourable trading. Our FinancialCentre review will help you determine whether the company is the one for your trading needs.

A part of why FinancialCentre has been getting so popular has to be its accessibility for new and experienced traders alike. To accommodate newbies, it organized its website and overall service in a way that’s simple to grasp. That makes understanding what you get and what you need to do next straightforward, minimizing confusion. Even those that have never traded or invested before can quickly get a hold of FinancialCentre’s service.

For veterans, the broker made sure to make switching to it simple and quick. FinancialCentre is aware that most professional traders and investors can’t afford to sit around for weeks. It ensured the KYC checking process was quick and that user accounts get verified in no time. Along the same line, the broker also guarantees that the deposits users make process quickly, meaning there’s no wait between verification and trading. Altogether, if you decide to start using the broker’s services, you’ll be in quickly.

As such, the broker left a powerful first impression on us, as it’s apparent the firm knows what customers want. As you’ll see later on in our FinancialCentre review, the broker backs that up with competitive trading and safety. For now, let’s look at some of the broker’s more interesting properties:

General Information

Top-Tier Support

Traders rarely consider customer support a primary feature for brokers, but it can play a significant role. Problems in online services are common, and it’s often challenging or impossible to solve them on your own. Having solid customer service can reduce the frustration these issues cause, but even more importantly, minimize downtime. Sometimes account issues can entirely shut down your trading and investing, which most traders can’t afford. FinancialCentre’s support works an extra day over most other brokers and has multiple toll-free phones, increasing availability.

Top-Tier Support


The ease of switching to the broker combined with some features we’ll mention later in our FinancialCentre review creates versatility. Namely, the broker is a great fit for many different types of traders, as they have tons of different assets and accounts. Newbies can also get used to it quickly because of the broker’s intuitive and uncomplicated setup. Additionally, the broker’s trading conditions make it suitable for many different trading tactics and methods. No matter what sort of trader you are, you’re likely to enjoy what the broker has to offer.

Funds Trading and Security

Ensuring your online safety should be your first step to selecting a new brokerage, even just trying it out. Nowadays, online brokers don’t only have your money but also a ton of your personal information. Any kind of info leak can cause you major issues, ranging from spam calls and emails to drastic things such as identity theft. Therefore, you need to choose a broker capable of keeping both your information and money safe. On top of that, brokers need to prove that they’re a valid operation due to the abundance of scam brokers online.

FinancialCentre does well in both of those regards, and we’ll explain why in the next part of our FinancialCentre review. For trustworthiness, we can start with the clarity of the broker’s website and legal documents overall. The site presents the broker accurately to users so they can make an informed decision on the company. The legal documents are also written so that you don’t need a lawyer to decipher them, again emphasizing user control. Now, they’re not an exhilarating read by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re fine as far as legal documentation goes.

Furthermore, FinancialCentre operates from the United Kingdom, which has numerous advantages for users. First off, it’s simpler to locate and potentially pursue legally, with quite a prominent location. However, the likelihood that you’ll need to sue is low since the UK has quite stringent financial firm regulations. That means FinancialCentre has to adhere to a much stricter set of rules than its peers. Altogether, the broker’s accountability is high, making it unlikely they’ll try and break the rules.

Lastly, we should also mention that FinancialCentre has encryption on its site and verification for accounts. That keeps hackers at bay, making any data or money leak much more difficult to create.

Funds Trading and Security

The Trading Accounts

FinancialCentre has a solid variety of different trading accounts that suit the needs of various traders and investors. The accounts start at $250, which is inexpensive for brokers, allowing more people to try out the service. The various types suit different investment levels, so you can always simply go for what you’re comfortable with. Later accounts unlock some extra luxury features as a reward for trader loyalty, but even the base account is entirely competitive.

If you want to enjoy the full spectrum of trading, the FinancialCentre offers five main account types you might enjoy.

Self-Managed Account – this account type is a perfect choice if you want to have a general introduction to investing.

Account Advantages:

    • Books and videos
    • One-on-one academy
    • Monthly live trading events
    • Real-time trading opportunities
    • Fast withdrawal processing
    • Minimum Balance $250

Wealth Management – This account type is for more advanced brokers.

Account offerings:

    • Flexible leverage up to 1:100
    • Tight spreads from 0.6 pips
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Minimum Balance $10,000

Retirement – Experience traders will enjoy this account as it offers all the “wealth management” features plus:

    • Next-gen trading tools
    • In-depth market analysis
    • One-on-one training
    • Minimum Balance $50,000

All-Star Account Type

    • Exclusive event invitations
    • Ultra-tight spreads from 0.0 pips
    • Powerful leverage up to 1:400
    • Priority withdrawal procedure
    • $100,000
    • Minimum Balance

Inner Circle – This is a VIP class level account type.

FinancialCentre’s “Inner Circle” accounts are created for high-volume traders and high-net-worth individuals who seek an optimal trading environment for the ultimate trading experience. Contact your dedicated account manager for a completely bespoke solution.

Minimum Balance $200,000+

Trading Conditions

As we said earlier in our FinancialCentre review, the trading conditions make it a great fit for a variety of traders. The broker has high leverage capabilities, enabling a better spread of capital and bolstering high-risk strategies. On top of that, the tight spreads ensure the best pricing for customers and minimize any charges they suffer from including the various account types and assets, creating a truly diverse brokerage that can fit the needs of most traders.

However, even when you move away from the strictly trading-related features, FinancialCentre shines. As we said earlier in our FinancialCentre broker review, the firm has excellent funding with various options. All of them maintain a high speed, meaning cash can flow freely in and out of your account. The platform is excellent as well and a good fit for both beginners and veteran traders.

Financialcentre: Trading Conditions

Trading Platform

FinancialCentre has a proprietary platform that focuses on usability and functionality. As such, it’s a great tool for beginners who want to get accustomed to trading. Meanwhile, it lacks none of the functions that veteran brokers enjoy, rendering it a versatile tool. Hence the platform is available through the browser and phone as well, meaning it’s convenient and allows trading on the go.

FinancialCentre’s Trading Products

We already emphasized the broker’s depths of assets earlier in our FinancialCentre review. The firm is CFD-focused, meaning it can provide trading on diverse types of trading products. The width of the selection means you won’t ever need to compromise when it comes to average asset quality. On top of that, diversification is quite simple, as there’s a solid selection in each of the broker’s categories.

FinancialCentre’s Trading Products

Customer Service

We’ve praised the broker’s customer support earlier in our FinancialCentre broker review so that we won’t be redundant. You can reach the firm via the usual outlets 24/6. That means you’ll always get quick answers to your questions and resolutions to your potential problems.

Or if you prefer to have your conversation documented via email, contact them at:



It’s not difficult to see that we enjoy what FinancialCentre has to offer. It’s one of the few firms that keep both new traders and veterans in mind, creating versatility. The fact that the broker manages to maintain a high level of quality while catering to the different groups is quite commendable. The trading is top-tier while also being suitable for beginners to grasp, while the security is strict, eliminating worries.

To wrap up our FinancialCentre review, we’d like to suggest trying the broker out for yourself. Its quick signup and deposits, along with the consistent quality, ensure it’ll be worth your time.

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