Sun, August 14, 2022

First US Politician to Take Payroll in Bitcoin

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The popularity of cryptocurrency around the world is growing day by day. Moreover, some people already want to get paid in Bitcoin. The mayor of Miami is one of the big fans of Bitcoin. He recently announced that he would then receive his full salary in BTC.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​getting a salary in Bitcoin had many famous stars and athletes in the past who implemented it. However, the mayor of Miami is perhaps one of the first officials to do the same. His goal is to make Miami the capital of Bitcoin, and the path he is taking seems to be fruitful.

Morgan Creek Digital partner Anthony Pompliano recently tweeted a question about the first American politician to receive a salary in Bitcoin. Francis Suarez, the mayor, replied that the next salary would be 100% in Bitcoin. Suarez has appointed the CIO and Director of Innovation to Miami to implement this. According to experts, this is a positive step the mayor took, pushing other pro-Bitcoin politicians to consider getting a BTC salary.

Crypto Revolution in Miami

The mayor of Miami was one of the main reasons why Miami is known as the capital of Bitcoin. Francis Suarez is pushing the government to pass laws that will help people pay their taxes through crypto. It also plans to use cryptocurrencies for the development of the city and not convert to Fiat. Suarez also encouraged crypto mining in Miami after China banned it, leading to a drop in price and hash speed. Miami now is the only U.S. region that has accessible crypto so well.


The year 2021 turned out to be full of challenges and loads for Bitcoin. In September, El Salvador legalized the most popular digital currency. It became the first country to legalize the circulation of Bitcoin. Although no government has taken such an initiative since then, the move has been a push to make digital payments possible at certain facilities.

Shortly, we will find out how real it is that representatives of other countries may imitate the mayor of Miami. At this point, the attitude of most experts and investors towards Bitcoin is undeniable and natural due to the current positive dynamics.

Now traders interested in Bitcoin and analysts have only one main question, whether the digital currency will break the 6-digit mark this year.


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