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Foxconn Soars 33%, Eyes 40% Growth with AI Focus in 2024

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  • Foxconn Q4 2023 Net Profit soared to NT$53.1 billion, marking a 33% increase.
  • 2024 revenue is expected to jump over 40%, with a keen eye on AI servers.
  • AI server market may see a 30% annual growth through to 2025.
  • Shares hit a three-year peak at NT$132.50 after the earnings report.
  • Expansion into electric vehicles and semiconductors as part of diversification.

Foxconn has outperformed expectations, revealing a Q4 2023 net profit of NT$53.1 billion ($1.7 billion). This 33% increase surpasses the anticipated NT$43.5 billion, reflecting strong financial health. The firm now sees over 40% revenue growth in 2024, with AI servers playing a pivotal role. The AI server market’s forecasted 30% annual growth until 2025 aligns with Foxconn’s aspirations. In Q4, consumer electronics, including smartphones, contributed 58% to revenue. Meanwhile, 20% stemmed from cloud and networking products, such as servers, showcasing diversification.

The Q4 revenue breakdown reveals a strategic pivot, with consumer electronics, including smartphones, contributing 58% to the revenue pie and 20% from cloud and networking products like servers. This diversified revenue stream underscores Foxconn’s adaptability and readiness to embrace emerging tech frontiers.

Stock Hits 3-Year High; EV & Chips Expand Horizons

Transitioning from a “relatively conservative and neutral” posture, Foxconn has embraced a bullish outlook for 2024. Such sentiment occurred due to the surging demand for AI servers. This newfound optimism is well-reflected in the company’s stock performance, with shares surging up to 9.5% to hit a three-year high of NT$132.50 following the Q4 earnings revelation and future revenue forecasts.

The company substantiates its strategic recalibration not only through optimistic projections but also by committing to ramping up capital expenditure to match or exceed the previous year’s levels. The driving forces behind this financial infusion include global diversification initiatives and aggressive forays into new ventures such as electric vehicles and the semiconductor industry. This bold manoeuvring signals Foxconn’s intent to broaden its manufacturing prowess and reduce dependency on conventional revenue streams.

2024: EVs & Nvidia Ties Redefine Strategy

Despite the bullish sentiment, Foxconn cautiously predicts a subdued performance in the first quarter 2024. This is attributed to the formidable post-pandemic sales surge experienced in 2023. However, this short-term outlook doesn’t dampen the company’s strategic ambition. Foxconn is aggressively pushing into new domains, notably electric vehicles. This is evidenced by its initiatives to deliver Model C EVs and its collaboration with Nvidia for AI data centre development. These moves are part of a broader strategy to diversify beyond its traditional manufacturing base, targeting sectors ripe for disruption and growth.

Analysts Bullish: AI Servers to Boost Profits 13-25%

Market analysts are bullish on Foxconn, particularly highlighting its strategic alignment with Nvidia’s next-generation AI server products as a pivotal growth lever. Now, experts are anticipating a profit increase of 13%- 25% for the year. However, they underscore the importance of Foxconn’s continued focus on AI server assembly and rack orders. This specialized emphasis capitalizes on the explosive growth in AI. Besides, it also positions Foxconn as a critical player in the global tech ecosystem. Thereby ready to harness the opportunities presented by next-gen technologies.

As Foxconn navigates through 2024, its journey encapsulates more than just financial growth; it represents a strategic transformation to cement its place in the future of technology and manufacturing. Through diversification, strategic partnerships, and a keen focus on emerging tech sectors, Foxconn is not merely responding to the changing tech landscape but actively shaping its trajectory.


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