Interactive Brokers Launches Trading Services with US Gold

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On Monday, the Interactive Brokers Group launched trading services with US Gold. Their clients can now trade US spot gold in small amounts, even one ounce.

The broker will allow the physical delivery settlement of COMEX Gold, Micro Gold, Silver, and Micro Silver Futures. The broker will enable features on May 17.

They’ll do the settlement as a registered warrant or ACE (automated certificate of exchange) for each full size or Micro contract.

Hedge against inflation

Conservative investors have always preferred assets such as Bullion, especially gold.

They see it as an effective hedge against inflation and other market uncertainties. 

In recent years, gold prices tallied aggressively mostly after the impact of COVID-19 on global stock markets. 

Additionally, the broker will allow its US-based clients to trade spot gold from Monday. They can trade it like any other trading instruments the brokerage offers and from the same account.

The broker’s commission ranges from 0.7bps to 1.5 bps of gold trade value or a minimum commission of $2.

Interactive Brokers also assured their clients of tight spreads for the bullion.

Steve Sanders commented on the development of the Broker’s EVP of marketing and product development. 

He said the broker’s advantage has always been their low-cost advanced technology and an array of products globally for sophisticated individual traders and institutional investors. 

He added that in addition to spot gold and physical metal delivery continues their mission to equip clients with products and tools they need to succeed in all market conditions. 

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