Fri, July 19, 2024

Microsoft: Bing and Edge now have DALL-E’s AI picture generation

Wibest – Microsoft

Bing AI by Microsoft can already be useful for discovering solutions, but now it can also assist you in creating mesmerizing images. The business presented a Bing Image Creator preview. Bing search and the Edge browser have been upgraded with OpenAI’s DALL-E AI image generation feature in the sidebar. To obtain an image from the chatbot, simply inquire with a direct description or query. You might ask Bing to generate some ideas for remodeling your living room based on your criteria if you’re unsure how to go.

Yes, Microsoft is aware of the possibility of potential mistakes. Besides, the business claims to be using “additional protections” with the support of OpenAI. According to the company, it will prevent you from producing possibly “harmful” images. Microsoft makes it clear through watermarks and other means that photographs AI produces are not controversial.

A small group of Bing desktop and mobile users can access Image Creator through a dedicated website and preview versions. Edge users can also access it. That way, you must switch to Creative mode if you are a member of the test group to use the generator. However, Microsoft intends to make the creative tool available to users of Balanced and Precise modes in the future and plans to optimize the system’s performance in multi-step discussions. The technology now only supports English, but more languages are being developed.

Other technological giants do not miss out on AI incorporation

More and more AI systems have started collaborating with Bing. Besides, the business is introducing AI-based Knowledge Cards that provide “dynamic” quick-glance information like timelines and infographics. Stories, on the other hand, offer images and quick videos related to searched themes.

Microsoft released the DALL-E tool simultaneously with Adobe’s intention to integrate generative AI into most of its programs. Furthermore, Adobe debuted AI technology incorporation with Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere Pro, and NVIDIA. They presented a customizable cloud AI service with picture creation. Microsoft is joining many IT behemoths that view AI picture generation as a useful tool. Even though it is obvious that it is not directly competing with Adobe or NVIDIA. Additionally, Bing Image Creator might give them a competitive edge over Google, which just opened up access to its Bard AI chat after a small test.


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