NFT Discord Server: How To Set Up

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With Discord becoming the go-to place for the NFT community, any NFT community must set up a Discord server. Our article will provide a complete guide to setting up a successful NFT discord server.

The first tip to keep your server organized and well distributed is to set up an authentication system and public chat channels. Authentication is an effective way to protect your server from unwanted guests. At the same time, public chat channels make your server more accessible.

Below I will discuss which rooms your NFT discord server should contain and how to optimize them.

Welcome Message

Every NFT project needs a brief introduction to the project, team, and other elements involved. So the welcome message channel should be the first on your NFT Discord server.

Ideally, many early NFT projects use this section to be run by a bot that automatically sends messages to new members.


Like any other community, online or offline, members must treat each other appropriately and with respect. That said, the launch of this room allows the team to set some rules.

Generally, you can pin a short 5-point statement on how the member should behave and what is not tolerated. Also, this is an excellent opportunity for community members to give feedback on the project.

General Chat

This is the most important space where team members can communicate freely. Make sure moderators can answer questions and keep the conversation going.

This open discussion forum will be the most visited channel on your NFT Discord server.

Official Links

In this space, members should have access to various reliable and secure resources. Good options are:

  • Website URL of NFT project
  • Official Twitter account
  • Instagram account
  • Minting URL of pre-sale
  • Announcements

Roadmap Of Your NFT Project

Like every crypto project ever launched, NFT projects have a roadmap that clearly defines their goals. In this channel, projects can provide quarterly services or link to external documentation.

FAQ Section

The FAQ section is the perfect place to inform the community about the details of your NFT collection. At least one team member should provide answers to frequently asked questions.

How To Mint Your NFT

This channel should focus on the embossing process from start to finish. In other words, it should be clear to any novice what steps need to be taken before minting an NFT. Start with the cryptocurrency you want to buy or which cryptocurrency exchanges they can use. Also, clarify which crypto wallets are used and where the minting URL will appear.

How To Buy Your NFT

Similar to the “How to Mint” channel, after minting is complete, you must be very aware of the options for purchasing NFTs. An excellent option is to link to all NFT marketplaces that list collections of NFTs.


Teams can use this channel to provide allowed community members with specific information. In other words, they’ve already grabbed a seat in the pre-sale. Therefore, this channel information is a *VIP* channel and is only visible to specifically selected members.


The giveaways channel is another popular channel that can provide an extra boost to a growing community. Teams can use this channel to organize special competitions where members can get free NFTs or other special requests. Overall, this is a potent tool for growing a community in a short period.

Discord Bots

Most of the rapidly growing NFT community using Discord cannot be handled by humans alone. Discord has a built-in feature that makes it easy to configure new bots from the dashboard.

Especially when promoting NFT projects in Discord, some specific bots are handy to help you grow your community.

NFT Discord Server: Wrapping Up

Overall, these are the essential steps you will need to launch a successful NFT Discord server. Of course, you might use many other custom tips and tricks to optimize your server for your clients and product.

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