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Pheonixus Review

Pheonixus logo
General Information
Broker Name:Phoenixus
Broker Type:Forex
Operating Since (Year):-
Broker status:Not regulated
Customer Service
Languages:German, Spanish
Trading platforms:MT4
Demo account:Yes
Mobile trading:Yes
Web-based trading:Yes
Other trading instruments:No
Minimum deposit ($):$200
Maximal leverage:-
Scalping allowed:-

Pheonixus Review

Pheonixus is an online broker that we are reviewing. After a first look at the Pheonixus site it seems that they are not very transparent. Typically, brokers provide crucial information such as their contact information or disclose where they are based. However, this broker avoids sharing any relevant information like that on their website. While we want to stay positive, this is already a reason for concern.

Pheonixus Review

Their ‘About Us’ page is filled with senseless filler attempting to establish the broker as “Europe’s leading financial institution.” If that were the case, they would not have to state is so direct on their site. Also, would offer way more information. Where are their licenses and their license numbers? If they are as good as they claim, then there is no need to hide their legal documents. Where is their broker located? Keeping such basic information from their clients is extremely questionable and should make traders tread lightly when looking at Pheonixus.

Regulations and Licensing for Pheonixus

The lack of transparency and trust towards their traders is what makes Pheonixus seem so suspicious. As we mentioned earlier, the licensing is no where to be found on their site. So unfortunately, there is not much we can share about that. Let’s see if mentions anything about their regulations. The site has a whole page dedicated to their KYC policy. After learning more about their policies, it is fair to say they have no real regulators and likely use this lack of regulation to their advantage. They don’t want a real financial institution to control them and monitor how often they scam clients, so they implement the vague AML and KYC policies.

KYC policies

That means that they pretend to follow Anti-Money Laundering Laws and the Know Your Customer Policy. They use these ambiguous and unregulated terms to create an illusion of some sort of regulation. However, there is none because Pheonixus scams its clients. That is exactly why you should stay far away from this broker. They will ask for personal information such as photo IDs, credit card photos, and additional documents. They can steal your identity, and money with this sort of approach. So please be heed our warning and avoid investing with Pheonixus.

Account Types

Let’s delve further into Pheonixus. Looking over their accounts, they seem quite basic and are not alarming. Their four accounts include the Basic, Silver, Gold and the VIP.  After looking through the list of accounts, it seems that they are trying to rip off their clients. Our review proves that the VIP account, which is the most expensive ranging between a $10000 – $50000 deposit, offers terrible benefits. Their cheaper accounts offer way more that their VIP, which is very upsetting. This sort of upsetting because a true trader would not fall for such a trick. Are they trying to imply that their clients are stupid enough to fall for such a stunt? It is clear that their target are mainly naive traders.


  • Minimum deposit: $200-3000
  • Education: 3 sessions
  • Assets: 100+


  • Minimum deposit: $3000-10000
  • Education: unlimited sessions
  • Assets: 200+
  • Signals: 5 VIP
  • Withdrawals: 5 free


  • Minimum deposit: $10000-50000
  • Education: unlimited sessions
  • Assets: 200+
  • Signals: 5 VIP weekly
  • Withdrawals: 10 free


  • Minimum deposit: $50000+
  • Education: 10 sessions
  • Assets: 100+
  • Signals: 3 VIP weekly
  • Withdrawals: First free

Pheonixus account types

Pheonixus Review Assets and Trading Instruments

The broker offers five assets that can be traded, and they include cryptocurrencies, forex, commodities, stock and indices. It seems they have done minimal research and have just copy and pasted basic information from other brokers about the assets. They don’t offer any specific information about how they work with these assets.


Their descriptions are extremely vague and again targets inexperienced traders who do not know much. But from a trained eye, Pheonixus is scamming people left and right. The broker knows how to appeal to new traders and uses their innocence to their advantage. So, review is here to help exactly those victims and many more.

Pheonixus Review: Conclusion

All in all, we can confidently say that Pheonixus is a broker that was created mainly to scam all of is loyal customers. If you decided to invest with them following reading our review, please remember this is at your own risk. Again, we’d like to clearly state we do not believe that this site is reliable or trustworthy. We are certain that you will end up robbed if you continue any relations with them. If you do not believe us, please consider doing further research. There are various comments and reviews about Pheonixus scamming people that can be found online. Don’t fall victim to any online scams and keep your money safe.


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