Wed, December 07, 2022

Police made 80 arrests for making a fake vaccine

Police made 80 arrests for making a fake vaccine

According to the latest news, in China, police made 80 arrests at a factory allegedly making a fake vaccine. Three Chinese citizens and a Zambian were arrested at a Gauteng warehouse, with ampoules containing 2,400 doses.

On Thursday, the European Union’s crime agency Europol issued a warning about fake online vaccines.

According to Europol spokesperson Jan Op Gen Oorth, as the vaccine is now becoming available, the great demand will trigger various criminal activities.

The World Health Organization issued a warning in March. They warned against unregistered websites pretending that products on sale can treat or prevent coronavirus.

Furthermore, Interpol announced on Wednesday that it was also getting reports of other fake vaccine crimes.

According to a Johns Hopkins University estimate, the Covid-19 pandemic has claimed more than 2.5 million lives worldwide. It infected nearly 115 million people.

Furthermore, it said that any vaccine on websites or the dark web, will not be legitimate. It will not have gone through testing and may be dangerous.

Interpol announced that in Germiston, police found about 2,400 vaccine doses

Interpol announced that in Germiston, Gauteng, police found nearly 400 vials – the equivalent of about 2,400 doses – of a fake vaccine as well as a large quantity of fake 3M masks.

It is worth mentioning that no location or further details are available for the counterfeit factory in China, in connection with the investigation of its Illicit Goods and Global Health Programme.

In December, Interpol issued a global alert warning police in its 194 member countries to prepare for organized crime networks targeting coronavirus vaccines.

Last month, China arrested a multi-million dollar scam leader that claimed saline solution and mineral water were corona vaccines.

The suspect had researched the packaging designs of real vaccines before making more than 58,000 of his doses.

According to a court ruling, he and his team had made a profit of 18m yuan, which equals$2.78m.



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