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Sacramento Kings and first crypto-token in NBA

Crypto industry on October 8

The cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, became part of everyday life. The crypto industry is a relatively new business, but it is even possible to pay for NBA tickets by digital currencies.

The most popular basketball league in the world is working to become even more attractive for the crypto industry. The National Basketball Association is famous around the globe. NBA fans scattered in different parts of the earth are closely monitoring the situation. Crypto owners and especially fans of Sacramento Kings will appreciate the new project.

The Sacramento Kings developed a crypto token. It is essential to mention that Kings became the first time that introduced the crypto token. The club will offer rewards for its fans by using the Kings Token. This crypto token will become available for the public starting from October 25.

This team has a long history when it comes to digital currencies. For example, in 2014, Kings became the first NBA team to accept crypto transactions. It means that people can purchase tickets by Bitcoin.

Another case dates back to 2018. The first time in the history of NBA Sacramento Kings made the decision to start crypto mining. Kings created a special program called MiningForGood. The purpose of this program is to donate funds to charity.

Digital currencies on October 8Crypto news on Tuesday

The number of cryptocurrency in the world strengthened its position on the market. This is good news for Bitcoin after suffering as the price fell to $7,700 on Monday. This was the lowest point since the beginning of October.

On Tuesday, Bitcoin’s price was $8,100. The next goal will be to break the resistance level above $8,500.

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market. On Tuesday, It was able to overcome the resistance above $175 and $180 levels. Ethereum’s price was $180.


dollar, euro,

On Tuesday, the dollar was on track for a fourth monthly loss


The euro rose on Monday as hopes for an increase in eurozone

Rocket Lab’s Shares Falling, Unlike Their Rockets

Last week, Rocket Lab Inc. launched its first rocket from US territory,


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