Wed, July 24, 2024

Saxo Unveils New Investment Fund for UK Retail Traders

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Saxo, renowned for its multi-asset trading and investment, has broadened its services in the UK by introducing its funds. Retail investors can now partake in diverse assets, from quick options to a wide range of funds. By partnering with a host of top-tier fund managers such as BlackRock, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, and Vanguard, Saxo has compiled a choice of over 6,000 global funds.

An Array of Funds from Biotech to Utilities at Saxo

The offering boasts over 500 equity funds, 2,000 fixed-income funds, 730 multi-asset funds, and 160 alternative funds. These allow retail traders to have exposure to sectors like biotech, energy, gold, healthcare, real estate, technology, and utilities. Saxo’s unique selling point lies in its competitive rates, with no commission, no platform fees, and a yearly custody fee of 0.4% for classic accounts, 0.2% for platinum accounts, and 0.1% for VIP accounts.

Funds are the foundation of many clients’ portfolios. This new feature allows investors to integrate their entire portfolio, incorporating ISAs and SIPPs. Charlie White-Thomson, Saxo UK’s CEO, had said the launch of their funds coincided with a time of pronounced market instability and geopolitical unrest. He had always championed the importance of active management and mutual funds in a diversified portfolio.

White Thomson viewed the current market situation as a new paradigm, heavily influenced by low-interest rates and heightened price performance. He believed in leveraging insights from the asset management world to navigate volatile markets, primarily through funds.

Saxo Bank Ascends to SIFI Status

Saxo Bank has earned the Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI) designation from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. It’s now the ninth institution in Denmark to receive this status. SIFIs are pivotal to the nation’s financial system and must satisfy stringent capital requirements to ensure financial stability.

Although its headquarters is in Denmark, Saxo is globally recognized for its brokerage services. Due to unfavorable circumstances, the company is mulling over a European public offering after discontinuing its planned listing on Euronext Amsterdam in December. The CEO had stated that the company was exploring all options for a potential public offering.


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