SwissBorg is the Ethos of Blockchain

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There’s only so much an algorithm can do to maintain the integrity of a technological market.

When Bitcoin publicly launched in 2009, it gained appeal for its decentralized approach. This means the coin doesn’t have a central bank that can adjust its distribution across platforms. And would instead base its exchange value on algorithms.

Over the years, other cryptocurrencies followed suit. Additionally, the primary concept that draws people into trading for cryptocurrencies is the fact that it doesn’t need to have fiscal leaders to become valuable in the first place.

This brought forth the concept of halvings, wherein a certain asset’s blockchain chops mining rewards by half to prevent oversupply. Therefore, it also prevents over inflation in the currency, unlike those in most economies.

Halvings are usually celebrated in the cryptocurrency markets with the preparation of new and improved mining equipment. The more successful fraction of miners would get to buy more expensive equipment to get more rewards at a time.

But what happens when a halving happens and manufacturers are unable to update their equipment for it?

Turns out, most people trading this asset just suffer from no way to escape getting half as much as they used to. Brokers deal with much higher demand without supply. Newer miners’ productions collapse and the rest of the market remains uncertain.

Why SwissBorg (CHSB) is the Ultimate 2020 Altcoin

The SwissBorg Walth App launching on a smartphone.

When mathematics and technical logic fails, compassion takes its place. A team of finance and technology experts developed the SwissBorg wealth management platform. They focused on the needs of their own community through proactivity and transparency.

Present in 40 countries and counting, the SwissBorg Wealth app uses MPC technology to gather data from multiple exchanges to offer the best price available. It uses artificial intelligence for a market analysis for any digital coin.

Not only does it help users to make sure they’re buying crypto assets for the best price with innovative technology. But it also makes sure that every decision they make is within their control.

It then dedicates a full page on its website to show important information about the app in real-time. This includes the total amount of staked SwissBorg Coins (CHSB), as well as its circulating and burned supply.

The real difference

But here’s where it really differs from almost every other altcoin: instead of adjusting its value based on almost nothing but buying and selling, it gives every CHSB owner the power to vote for what happens in the SwissBorg community.

Each member received constant rewards for contributing to the SwissBorg community.

The Wealth app revolves around its own multi-utility CHSB coin, which now has a market cap of around $82 million. Anyone who holds the coin receives a constant reward by placing orders to buy the coin when prices are going low. This ensures the protection of the token while keeping selling and buying pressure up the charts.

With short-term pressure and long-term protection, the Protect & Burn program keeps the community afloat as the SwissBorg ecosystem improves at an astounding pace. Any holder of the SwissBorg coin gets to participate in project referendums to determine where the collective would go.

This fresher, different, and ethos-oriented altcoin against most mathematics could be the face of cryptocurrency innovation.

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