The Hidden Truth About Satoshi Nakamoto

The Hidden Truth About Satoshi Nakamoto

Since the disappearance of Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto in 2011, several theories have emerged about his identity.

Numerous first and last names are possible bidders. After months of research, Gerald Votta, director of Quantum Economics’s Gamefi Research, believes he has found the answer to Satoshi’s true identity – that of Canadian cryptographer James A. Donald. In a new study published on November 17, Gerald uncovered intriguing circumstances that he believes confirm their connection.

James was the first to comment on the white paper of Bitcoin in 2008, which aroused Gerald’s suspicion and interest. According to Votta, this is a very instant and dubious nuance. It is an excellent reason to look more deeply into the details of this person’s life.

Comment by Gerald states that Donald mentioned just minutes after the publication of the Bitcoin White Paper. Votta’s central question is – how can a white paper be read and analyzed in 3 minutes? This is almost impossible.

According to Votta, Donald not only had a good grasp of programming, computers, and cryptography, he was well versed in history, economics, and law. Yet, it was precisely his words that led him to connect Sato with Nakamoto.

It is worth noting that this is not the first case of the theory. In 2014, a post published by Bruno Kucinskas on the Bitcoin forum determined a quick reaction to the exact clue, which kindled further debate. According to one user, the time print varied between different archives, and the time zones differed from the ones offered. This, in turn, calls into question the length of time between the answer and the post.

Votta’s Research

Also, there is a chance that Donald and Satoshi spoke in person before the inquiry, and the result was made public. Votta believes that only the website of Donald’s project Crypto Kong embodies Bitcoin.

Votta’s study examined Crypto Kong, which uses elliptic curve cryptography to sign documents electronically. As it turned out, this particular program is surprisingly familiar with the fundamentals of Bitcoin.

The echeque website contains details about Crypto Kong. Donald’s email domain was also According to Vota, Donald sent an email from this address to Satoshi at least once. In addition, on the echeque website, there is a minimized example of Kong on the right side of the screen, with a digital signature that matches the one sent to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Why did Satoshi advance to communicate to himself from two different addresses if he was Donald? According to Vota, this was a ploy to maintain anonymity. As well as to stir up dissent about Bitcoin. Votta said the crypto developer was probably born, raised, and educated in the UK, the US, or a former British colony. 

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