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The man had a severe reaction after the J&J vaccine

J&J vaccine

According to WRIC, a 74-year-old Virginia man developed a severe rash that spread across his entire body after getting the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine on March 6.

Richard Terrell is the man who had the severe reaction. According to him, four days after getting the vaccine, he began to develop a painful rash on his body.

According to Richard Terrell, he began to feel a little discomfort in his armpit, and then a. A few days later, he began to get an itchy rash. He said that after that, he began to swell, and his skin turned red,” Terrell told WRIC. The patient said it was very painful where the skin was swollen and was rubbing against itself.

After he went to the hospital, Terrell was told by doctors that he had experienced a severe reaction to the vaccine. Richard Terrell firstly visited a dermatologist, who told Terrell to immediately go to the emergency room.

Terrell spent five days at VCU Medical Center, where he was undergoing treatment. Additionally, doctors biopsied the rash to see what caused it.

Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is safe

Terrell’s dermatology doctor at the hospital, Dr. Fnu Nutan, announced that they determined the vaccine had caused an extremely rare reaction. Nutan remarked that the doctors had ruled out the possibility of other viral infections, coronavirus itself, and kidney and liver issues.

The doctor said she believed there’s something about Terrell’s genetic that made him react this way to the vaccine.

Doctors also say that Terrell’s experience shouldn’t stop others from taking the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Furthermore, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has reported it is safe and effective.

It’s essential to mention that there haven’t been similar reports of severe reactions to the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which was authorized for use in the United States at the end of the last month.


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