Sun, May 28, 2023

The new Instagram algorithm in 2021

Instagram Reeks on Instagram app

Until recently, posts appeared on users’ Instagram walls in chronological order, but this is no longer the case. Now, when you upload content, it is shown to approximately 10% of your followers. If it works and your followers interact with it, giving likes, commenting, or sharing, it reaches more people.

Likes are not so relevant anymore

As you probably already know, the likes have been losing weight in the Instagram algorithm. In fact, in many accounts, you can no longer see the exact number of “likes” that the posts have. Although it does not happen with all profiles, this will be extended until it is fully implemented.

With this change, Instagram now gives more importance to comments, saves, and shares. What’s more, the social network rewards content that generates debate, those in which users express their opinion on a particular topic.

For this reason, it is vital to take utmost care of the publications and always seek interaction. For this, you must study your audience well and share relevant information with them, bet on strategic hashtags and always answer comments.


Be careful with the stories

The new Instagram algorithm in 2021 also works in stories.

But how does it work? Any Instagram story is shown, first, to followers who are interested in your content. Then, to the users with whom you speak privately and to geographically close accounts. Finally, it reaches people you know in real life.

Therefore, you must invest time interacting with your most loyal followers and content creators related to your business. This way, the reach of your stories will also increase.

In addition, as with posts, you can create engaging stories that invite your users to participate: surveys, questions, challenges.

Use all the new Instagram features

In its fight to compete with TikTok and other new platforms, Instagram does not stop implementing new functionalities such as Reels.

Reels videos offer three times the reach of a post in the feed. Take advantage of this benefit to position your brand. 

Post at peak times

Posts that get an initial jump of engagement right after they’re posted will keep floating around the top of Instagram users’ feeds for a longer period. This increases your visibility and encourages further engagement. It’s a great combination that gives you continued momentum.

Peak posting times will differ for every business. With Metricool, you can see your Instagram audience’s peak hours online. You should also check what time zone most of your audience falls in; this will help you optimize results.



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