Sun, July 21, 2024

TipRanks Financial Tools Hit the Georgian Market

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TBC Capital, a prominent financier in Georgia, has incorporated TipRanks’ exclusive financial tools into their platform. The new development has expanded offerings to its clientele through elite financial information and instruments. TipRanks touts its service as providing “The kind of financial data normally exclusive to hedge funds and wealth-heavy institutional investors.”

TBC Adds TipRanks’ Features

The firm revealed on Tuesday that its client offerings now include TipRanks’ Analyst Forecast and the Bull and Bear Summary. The Analyst Forecast shows price predictions, consensus from analysts, and possible highs and lows for stocks and ETFs. Conversely, the Bull and Bear Summary displays the collective analyst outlook on each stock, detailing the rationale behind these opinions.

Meri Chachanidze, TBC Capital’s Managing Director, confirmed that integrating these features aids investors by simplifying their decision-making. She revealed that enriching the platform with TipRanks’ capabilities supports their aim of continuous enhancement, providing customized options that aid customers in making well-informed investment decisions.

Broadening Reach

Founded in 2012, TipRanks offers a stock analysis platform that makes unconventional data sets available to individual investors by evaluating professional analysts’ track records through natural language processing. It has extended its reach globally by collaborating with various brokerages, stock exchanges, and financial bodies. 

Israeli-based TipRanks has made headway into the Japanese and Chinese markets through agreements with Rakuten and Futu. It has also synchronized its tools with the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and brokers across Europe, the Americas, the UK, and other nations.

Uri Gruenbaum, CEO of TipRanks, expressed his confidence in the new Georgian market venture, foreseeing mutual prosperity for TBC Capital and TipRanks. He underscored the synergistic nature of the alliance, emphasizing TipRanks’ commitment to democratize investing for non-professional market participants.


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