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General Information
Broker Name:Avait.investments
Broker Type:forex, CFD
Operating Since (Year):2018
Broker status:unregulated
Customer Service
Trading platforms:MT4
Trading platform Time zone: N/A
Demo account:N/A
Mobile trading:yes
Web-based trading:yes
Other trading instruments:N/A
Minimum deposit ($):250
Maximal leverage:1:200
Scalping allowed:N/A

Avait.Investments Review – Full Scam

In a sea of brokers, there are bound to be some rotten apples. But how can you distinguish the good ones from bad ones? We are here to help you. We have been in this industry for long enough to find fake brokers within seconds of looking at their website. We find scammers quickly and want to share the information with you so we can get rid of them. This industry is full of scammers, due to which it has such a bad name. In reality, trading and investments are the best way to make money at home – granted you are with the right broker. We are here to help you.

Avait.Investments Review

Avait.Investments have an unprofessional website that crashes and bugs out within seconds of going online. What does that say? That they are not taking their job seriously. If they really cared, they would make the full experience for their clients smooth. A bad website is a bad start already. Especially when the about us page is filled with no information other than lies and basic copy-pasted content from sites similar to theirs. Avait.Investments already show us so many red flags that we can safely say they are scammers.

Account Types – Scamming Avait.Investment

They list three basic account types on their website, but there is no actual information for any of them. We can only assume what they tell the people they call. Scammers like Avait.Investment use very simple tactics to get people to deposit and steal their money.

First of all, you will receive a call from a professional sounding person who will tell you they were assigned your case, and they are your account executive. Then they will tell you that your account has some sort of bonus on it, but to receive it, you have to deposit some sort of minimum deposit. If you decline, they will do anything and tell you all of the lies to get you to deposit. Are you interested in buying blockchain stocks? You got it! But there is no such thing. Avait.Investments will do this to you.

They prey on clueless people, someone who might have no exposure to finance whatsoever. They receive their leads through illegal means and then lie to naïve and innocent people. Most of the time, these people are old, or from poor countries, depositing their final pennies hoping to make millions.

Scammers take advantage of people all over the world, but mainly the ones who have nothing left but hope. Avait.Investments are scammers like that.

Avait.Investments Review of Assets

They have all of the assets available on the market listed on their website. What does that mean? Well, they have nothing in reality. They only have web trader; thus, they don’t have a certified MT4 or MT5 platform software for download. This is another huge red flag. For this many assets, you can definitely afford to pay for a software server, but they didn’t.

Scammers like Avait.Investments do this in order to look like legitimate packed brokers. They want to pretend they can provide all kinds of assets. In reality, when they call their poor victims, they tell them they can get them Bitcoin for $8 apiece – a complete lie. Make sure you research the assets they offer you because chances are you will see a lot of reviews of Avait.Investments calling them liars.

Conclusion – Avait.Investments are huge scammers

We have nothing else to write other than do NOT invest with this broker. They are liars and scammers.

UPDATE AND EDIT* Their website actually got taken down due to the number of allegations against them. Suppose you are one of the victims of Avait.Investments, please comment and let us know what happened, so the rest of the world can see it as well. We must stand together to fix the reputation for trading and investing.

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