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Best Broker for Scalping Awards

Best Broker for Scalping Award

Scalping is a unique award category in that it’s one a lot of brokers don’t like. Scalping involves making a massive amount of small trades with marginal gains, usually following the trend an asset has taken. That puts a load on broker’s software and servers, leading some to forbid it entirely. For obvious reasons, we will bar such brokers from receiving this award.

But what makes a broker good for traders that like scalping besides the fact that it allows traders to utilize the strategy? For starters, you need low fees that aren’t flat, and we’re likely talking about a pricing structure using spreads. With flat fees of even a few cents per trade, a broker becomes an unviable option for scalpers, as they entirely negate profits. Another must is a highly-functional platform, as lag and delays can cause traders to slip up on a position and waste profits from numerous trades before it.

Along a similar line, we also prioritize brokers that prevent slippage. Firm pricing is the base pillar of scalping, so we’ll value it quite highly. With the primary features set, we’re ready to present our awards for the best brokers for scalping.

#3 Best Broker for Scalping: Trade Horizon

Trade Horizon takes the bronze medal, which still translates to it being an excellent choice for scalpers. It has numerous conditions that make it a great fit for those enjoying scalping. The thing that holds it back the most is the high initial deposit requirement, but once you look past that, the rest of the features are stellar.

For starters, it promises spreads as low as 0.0 pips. You do have to make a hefty deposit to achieve that, but having no charges on trading is a scalper’s dream. Some scalpers also enjoy trading with larger sums, so the deposit requirement may not even be an issue to them.

Beyond that, it fulfils the conditions we mentioned with a modern, quick platform and no slippage. It even has 1:500 leverage for those that enjoy riskier margin scalping tactics.

Best Broker for Scalping #3

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#2 Best Broker for Scalping: Invxsler

Invxsler shares a lot of the benefits of our previous entry while cutting out most of the negatives. It has a high-tech platform that can support rapid trade execution without lag or stuttering. You can also access it via multiple devices at once, as that’s a common thing scalpers do to increase efficiency.

It also cuts out the significant deposit requirement our previous entry has. Namely, to start using Invxsler, you only need to put down $250 into your account. That makes the broker much more accessible to scalpers that may be on a budget. Naturally, the conditions suffer a bit because of it, with slightly lower leverage and looser spreads.

While Invxsler isn’t a straight upgrade over the last entry, as each has its advantages, we still think it’s better. The deciding factor was definitely the fact that you need way less money to get everything out of Invxsler.

Best Broker for Scalping #2

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#1 Best Broker for Scalping: Uptos

Uptos easily nabs the gold for our scalping category by being an upgrade over the previous options. It keeps the best of both worlds, maintaining Invxsler’s affordability along with Trade Horizons’ potency. It offers the most advanced platform while also promising traders full liquidity with no slippage. That allows scalpers to make exact calculations and carry out their strategy as they intended. Uptos removes the usual roadblocks traders who employ scalping suffer.

On top of that, it beats the other two in numerous other categories, such as asset variety. It has the same minimal deposit as Invxsler, while employing the more powerful MetaTrader 5 platform. It also only has marginally lower leverage than Trade Horizon at a fraction of the price. Overall, while the other two are neck-and-neck, Uptos comes out as the clear winner.

Best Broker for Scalping #1

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