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Ethereum hits record high after EIB digital bond news

The Ethereum price has risen by 7% in the past 24 hours. It has even outperformed its big brother Bitcoin. Supported by the good news...

Ethereum Dwindles at $1,700-theshold, Updates of P-o-S

Bitcoin has had a relative weakness since the start of the week. Ethereum dwindles at $1,700 per token, with the day’s high hitting $1,800...

Optimism found solution for two-week-long withdrawals on ETH

The Dai stablecoin is getting more speed and fee enhancements thanks to its new upgrade on layer-two. Decentralized lending protocol MakerDAO is producing this...

Trading Ethereum (ETH): How to Trade Ethereum

You've probably already delved into the world of cryptocurrencies if you are reading about Ethereum. Next to Bitcoin, this cryptocurrency is one of the...

Cryptocurrency Market Data aggregator CoinGecko and Hacken

There is no shortage of cryptocurrency exchanges. However, it is quite hard to choose the cryptocurrency exchange due to numerous reasons. Nevertheless, thanks to...

Crypto Debit Cards and the Process of Crypto Adoption

Plastic cryptocurrency cards step-by-step became more popular. Moreover, such cards are considered an important development when it comes to the adoption of crypto around...

A Swiss Crypto Startup and Payment Giant Visa

It is not a secret that the crypto industry has the potential to solve some of the issues connected with fiat currencies. A Swiss...

A New Visa Crypto Debit Card and Bitcoin

The crypto industry step-by-step became part of the modern world. However, it is not easy to spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin to pay for...

$16 Million Stolen from Cryptopia in Recent Hack

As much as $16 million worth of Ethereum (ETH) and ERC20 tokens were stolen in the recent hack of New Zealand exchange Cryptopia, according...

Ethereum Devs to Implement New Algorithm

Ethereum developers have already reached a tentative consensus to implement a new proof-of-work algorithm that would increase the efficiency of GPU-based mining on the network, as opposed to ASIC-based type of mining. Read more here!

Ethereum Returns as Top Altcoin by Market Cap

Ethereum has beaten Ripple to reclaim its position as the biggest altcoin by market cap, according to data released on January 2. Read more here!

Bithumb Wins Alleged Hacking Lawsuit

South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb has won a lawsuit in which an investor had sued the company for his loss of nearly $355,000 in an alleged hack. Read more here!

Ethereum-based Status Lays off Staff

Ethereum-based chat platform Status is laying off 25 percent of its staff because of the recent cryptocurrency market decline, according to a post that was published by the company. Read more here!

Ethereum Constantinople to Come in Mid-January

Ethereum core developers have agreed to launch the long-awaited Constantinople hard form at block 7,080,000 as resulted in a bi-weekly developers’ meeting last Friday. Read more here!

Blockchain Misapplication is “Wasted Time”

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said that the misapplication of blockchain technology in some industries leads to “wasted time". Read more here!


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