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Forex Compounding Strategy: How Does Compounding Work?

Forex compounding strategy

As a Forex trader, time can be your best friend once you’ve learned how to implement compound interest rates. It’s an important aspect of any trading system. The combination of different investment methods can make you rich and help you increase your investment profits exponentially. In this article, you will learn the Forex compounding strategy works and how it can be profitable for you.

What is the compound trading strategy?

Forex compounding strategy is the part of your compounding trading plan aimed at capital growth where patience and reward go hand in hand. It’s a simple yet secure way to boost your compounding Forex account balance.

To do so, you should each time you profit, add that earned money into your investment portfolio. In that way, even the accounts with modest deposits can exponentially grow contrary to the linear and minor profit made from always the same investments and same trading approach.
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The drawback of this method is that you also increase the risk. By reinvesting your earnings, you can multiply your profits, but you can also lose everything suddenly.

Forex Compounding Strategy - Adding value little by little

This strategy may be suitable for some traders, but not for all since not many traders have the patience to undergo these types of plans.

Some traders combine both short term and long term strategies. They can also increase part of their profits through compound interest.

But as a Forex trader, you should be aware of the importance of compound interest for Forex and its profitability.

Compound interest rate – the key point of forex compounding strategy

The interest rate is crucial for your forex compounding plan. The compound interest forex rate determines the perceived worth of a specific currency. In case the forex compound interest rate is high, then the value of the chosen currency will also be high compared to other currencies with a lower interest rate. As a trader, you should act following the monetary policies of major central banks to buy and sell securities at a proper value.

If you can double your money ten times in a row and start with a thousand dollars, the tenth time, you would be a millionaire. It means that if you invest $ 1,000 and double, you invest $ 2,000 and double, then you do it every now and then, you will be a millionaire by the time you double your money the tenth time.

Do you realize the power of compound interest?

We’re not talking about a specific time frame above, but the average time it takes to double your money is significant. For instance, if you can double your money each month and start at $ 1,000, you will need less than a year to become a millionaire. (Obviously, this is an entirely utopian example, you have to be realistic), but you need to understand the formula.

Compound interest Forex: the measurable objective of capital growth

Gold barsSome people try to set up their own compound interest system for Forex, but it is very, very risky. There are, however, other more conservative goals. In case you could double your money ($ 1,000) every six months, you would be a millionaire in about five years.

Compound interest is one of the secret ways to wealth, but some people get greedy about it and leave their pumps on it. Additionally, there are some risks inherent in this technique. But, let’s first describe the role of the Forex compounding calculator and also the rule of 72.

Forex compounding calculator

Forex compounding calculator is your best friend for identifying outcomes of interest of your monthly earnings. This calculator will help you to reach your trading goals and stay realistic in your expectations. Whenever you use this calculator, be aware of all “what ifs”, combining different numbers. It’s strongly advisable to use an online calculator since it offers much detailed analysis in the form of charts and tables.

The Forex compounding calculator has the advantage for several reasons:

  • It offers the insight into your net savings
  • Helps you to stay away from losing trades
  • Motivates you to implement a different trading approach to make sustainable profits

The rule of 72

The rule of 72 is suitable for calculating when your money will double at a given interest rate. If you want to know how much it would take for your money to double, divide the annual interest by 72. For example, if you get 12% on investment and that rate stays constant, your money will double in 72/12 = 6 years.

Forex compounding calculator

You can also calculate the interest rate if you know how many times your money will double. Assuming that you are told that your money will double every five years, the annual interest rate will be 72/5 = 14.4%. It is a golden rule, which gives us a good starting insight.

Now, increasing your profits in Forex can be risky. To prevent the risk, you can try proper money management techniques and tools. And don’t forget to trade more than what you can afford to lose.

Final Thoughts

A compounding Forex strategy is similar to a snowballing effect, meaning it’s based on gradual capital growth. It’s a method that allows you to turn your already earned money into profits, increasing the income by changing trading approaches. The capital of your Forex compounding account can escalate using the compound forex trading method. It takes time and patience, knowledge, and effort to handle this proven technique of increasing the capital. If you are ready to try new Forex investment approaches such as compounding trading strategy, you are on an excellent way to better living.


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