History of Bitcoin and its Rise to Prominence

Bitcoin and Swiss Health Sector

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and this fact once more underlines its importance. Let’s have a look at this cryptocurrency. It is worth mentioning that, Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym behind the development of Bitcoin as well as authorship of the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

People should keep in mind that, nobody knows for sure who is Satoshi Nakamoto. Notably, the creator of this cryptocurrency has been keeping themselves unknown for more than a decade. However, it is clear that Satoshi still owns the world’s most valuable cryptocurrency.

As a reminder, Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonymous author that published the Bitcoin whitepaper in 2008. Importantly, Satoshi did not invent blockchain. However, he was the first to create a decentralized currency based on blockchain technology.

Interestingly, Bitcoin was officially launched in 2009. Nevertheless, all of their communications to the rest of the world dried up, and Satoshi disappeared. The question who is Satoshi Nakamoto. Moreover, due to the lack of undisputed facts it hard to say, whether we are talking about a single person or a group of people.

Bitcoin and interesting details

Importantly, the prevailing sentiment is that Satoshi is an individual, but some believe Satoshi is a group, like a team of computer scientists, cryptography experts, and cypherpunks.

As a reminder, before Satoshi cut off all communications in April 2011, they claimed to be male, Japanese and born on April 5, 1975. However, Satoshi’s command of English was so high that they are likely to be from a native-English speaking country. Moreover, their communications mostly occurred during European working hours. As a result, it is likely they did not reside in Japan.

Interestingly, since early 2009, Satoshi has not spent even a single satoshi. As a reminder, a satoshi is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. It is hard to determine how much Satoshi owns, but most people agree it is around 1 million Bitcoins.

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