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Ethereum stays at its all-time high, might beat Bitcoin soon

Bitcoin prices continued to rebound on Saturday, rising about 6% to nearly $58,000. However, recently, its younger brother, Ethereum, has overshadowed the world’s largest...

History of Bitcoin and its Rise to Prominence

Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and this fact once more underlines its importance. Let’s have a look at this cryptocurrency....

BTC/USD Set for a Volatile Week

Wall Street first predicted BTC/USD to fall below $8,000 two weeks ago, after which it surged beyond $10,000 the Monday after. Despite the slow...

Wall Street Calls for a Bitcoin Price of $9,200 by Friday

Bitcoin (BTC) might have increased by 135% since March’s lows, but Wall Street doubts it’ll see the bears soon. The coin met $10,000 over...

Bitcoin Bond Launched in Bloomberg Terminal

Bitcoin bond is the world’s first zero-fiat and is now available on Bloomberg terminal. Click here now! – Wibest Broker

GMO Internet Group Quits Bitcoin Mining Business

Japanese internet giant GMO Internet Group is ditching the bitcoin mining hardware sector, according to a report citing a public documents. Read more here!