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Wibest – Hong Kong: HK International Airport

Wibest – Hong Kong: HK International Airport

Hong Kong protesters gather at the HK International Airport in an outcry against the government. The move caused Hong Kong stocks to go down.

Yesterday, CK Infrastructure Holdings, also known as CKI, went down 1.13% or 0.65 points. CSI Properties lost 1.52% or 0.01 points.

AIA Group, the largest publicly listed pan-Asian life insurance organization, declined 1.81% or 1.40 points in sessions. And the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing dipped 1.86% or 4.60 points.

The protest drew the attention of international reporters and writers. According to reports, the group gave away flyers to the passengers that contained their apologies and sentiments for Hong Kong.

The movement is expected to last days. And so airport authorities have made necessary steps to prevent an incident.

The airport has tightened its security protocols. The officials are only accepting people with complete documents and have flights inside the terminal.

The security decision was important to ensure the safety of hundreds of passengers that go through the massive airport terminal.

Washington’s Comment

The west has not made any significant intervention to the HK protests. However, just recently the US State Department has slammed China. Although the comment doesn’t directly address HK’s situation.

Washington accused Beijing as a thuggish regime for inflicting force. The comment came after state-owned media published an article containing the personal details of a US diplomat.

The article shocked many as it also includes the name of the US diplomat’s children. The diplomat’s name is Julie Eadeh, and the paper that published the article is Ta Kung Pao.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs have said before that it had called an official from the US Consulate in Hong Kong. The order came after the officials held a meeting with the opposition party where the situation of HK was raised.

Hong Kong is currently on its tenth week of consistent protests and violent disruptions. Foreign officials blame China for the recent events in HK.

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