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Largest Crypto Exchange in U.S. and its Wallet

Visa and Coinbase

Crypto industry is evolving thanks to interesting projects. For example, Coinbase users will be pleased to hear that starting from this month, they have the opportunity to send payments to each other and the process is quite simple.

In fact, Coinbase Wallet is a service of the largest crypto exchange in the United States and from this week it supports .crypto realms thanks to successful integration with blockchain domain provider called Unstoppable Domains.

Let’s have look at this novelty. Coinbase users can send payments to other users by simply typing .crypto domain. There is no need to use long-form cryptographic addresses.

Interestingly, a major crypto exchange Huobi also has a similar feature. Huobi announced this decision in June. As a reminder, Huobi Wallet is the self-custody app created by Huobi Group.

In June, Huobi Wallet announced support for crypto blockchain domains. Users have the opportunity to send Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other currencies supported by the wallet. People should take into consideration that; it is possible to store domains in Huobi Wallet and make it visible in the collectibles section.

Crypto exchange and its services

Importantly,  According to blockchain domain provider Unstoppable Domains, the Coinbase wallet supports .crypto domains in Bitcoin and Ether. Furthermore, the Coinbase Wallet also supports any other currencies provided by the wallet.Coinbase wallet and blockchain domain provider

People should take into account that, the Coinbase wallet will also offer custody support to .crypto domains in the collectibles section of its application.

This is not the end of the story, as Coinbase users can also register and manage domains via the Coinbase decentralized application (DApp) browser. It is worth noting that, in order to send a transaction to a domain, users have to add their wallets to Unstoppable Domains within the DApp browser. Coinbase users will benefit from such novelties.


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