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Shell oil or Royal Dutch Shell PLC issued its take on what effects switching fuels have on engines ahead of the IMO 2020. On its official website, Shell Marine White Paper offered its consumers a guideline on the importance of cylinder oil and engine health.

The company, Shell oil, said that its publication serves as a friendly reminder for its consumers and the public about anything oil. According to the British-Dutch oil company, there are risks posing to engine performance when switching fuels.

Shell oil said that cylinder oil is best suited for some variation on the IMO 2020 compliant fuel types.

The fuel types include 0.5% of marine fuels and 3.5% of high-sulfur fuel oil or HSFO. The said fuel classifications are commonly used to combine with scrubber fittings.

The oil giant also advised supply chain options with added technical or professional guidance to ensure the protection of engines. This is in line with the preparations for the IMO regulation by next year.

The Shell Marine White Paper, the official publication of Shell oil, and its global general manager, Joris Van Brussel, addressed the news.

According to Brussel, the engines that run on lower sulfur fuels are best served by lower base number or BN cylinder oil. Further technical recommendations may vary depending on engine type and its operating conditions.

The Shell oil global general manager said that the company aims to aid its patrons about the proper fuel types to better their services.

Brussel claimed that the company currently delivers to 700 ports globally.

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What is the IMO 2020?

The IMO or the International Maritime Organization has previously ruled that starting on January 1, 2020. The new rule will set a much lower global limit on the sulfur content in marine fuel.

The new regulation, known as the IMO 20202, will be effective after the United States winter heating session starts.

The IMO claims that the new rule will reduce the amount of sulfur oxide that emanates from ships. The specialized agency of the United Nations said the change will provide a lot of health and environmental benefits.

Just before IMO 2020, Energy giants such as Shell oil are doing their part in warning and guiding the public about this. IMO said that the significant change in the industry will be beneficial but will represent a huge challenge for firms.

Selling Stocks to Giants

Elsewhere in the Oil Industry, Bharat Petroleum Corp Ltd or BPLC seeks to bid from international oil giants. The Mumbai, Maharashtra-based company is partly owned by the Indian government.

According to reports, the company seeks to bid oil giants such as Saudi Aramco, Shell oil, Rosneft, and more. The Indian government plans to offload about 53.29% of its shares in BLPC.

In its Union budget, the Republic of India pegged to disinvest about Rs 1.05 lakh crore in the fiscal year.

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