Sat, February 04, 2023

Turkish City and Cryptocurrencies

Anatolia and Blockchain

One of the major cultural centers of Turkey, Konya, unveiled a plan connected with cryptocurrencies. Konya is famous in Turkey as well as around the globe for its rich history and historical sites.

However, this Anatolian city wants to become famous for its approach towards this emerging technology as well. Konya created the “Science and Technology Valley” under the patronage of the Konya Science Center. Moreover, it assembled the team to use blockchain for municipal services.

Several days ago, Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay spoke at local smart city congress in Ankara. According to the mayor, the city is looking for ways to develop a “City Coin” Moreover, Konya plans to create a blockchain-based financial system that will use this coin.

Cryptocurrencies and new projects

Crypto and Blockchain

The city of Konya is home to 2.4 million people; it is one of the biggest cities in Turkey. Thus, it has the possibility to attract people who are willing to use cryptocurrencies.

This city has a long history when it comes to embracing new technologies. Based on the information provided by the Konya Chamber of Commerce, the city has more than ten different smart city projects. There are many interesting projects such as a payment system that is used in public transportation.

Turkey has shown interest in cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain technologies even before this announcement. The country has a plan to unveil a Digital lira in 2020. Turkish Takasbank launched the BiGa Digital Gold platform. The purpose of this platform is to provide a blockchain-based gold transfer system for the banking industry.

Many global crypto exchanges are monitoring the situation in the country and some of them already entered the Turkish market. Huobi became the first one to offer its services, followed by Binance. Huobi made another decision to strengthen its position on the local market. It partnered with the Blockchain Turkey Platform.



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