EA’s Origin Client Rebrands to EA Desktop App

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Electronic Arts’ Origin desktop app is getting a re-brand and a visual refresh. The client is to become the “EA Desktop App,” which will be faster, simpler, and will include more cross-platform features. 

Other improvements reportedly include a “better patching experience”. That is for updating games and for access to more information about how much time you’re spending playing. Moreover, you’ll be able to access EA’s game subscription services via the client.

This has not been the first step EA has taken to move away from its Origin branding. This dates back to its acquisition of Origin Systems way back in 1992. 

In August, the company announced it would be rebranding its Origin Access and Origin Access Premier subscriptions. They were to become EA Play and EA Play Pro, respectively. 

The company also announced that EA Access would be rebranded under the same EA Play umbrella. EA Access is the non-Origin name for the same subscription service on console.

The rebranding comes as EA is lessening its focus on Origin as the exclusive store for its games on PC. Last year, the company announced that it would start releasing its games on Steam once more. 

EA has added more titles this year. It also said its EA Play subscription service which was previously EA Access, would be coming to Steam.

Steam allows users to download and play a variety of EA’s games for the price of a single monthly subscription. This is similar to Xbox Game Pass. 

Access to EA’s game subscription services had been exclusive to Origin on PC.

Origin: Services and Platforms Together under One Branding 

EA isn’t the only company that’s trying to bring its services and platforms together under one branding. In August, Amazon rebranded Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming. This has brought it in line with more of its subscription lineup. 

But previous efforts to rebrand game services have faced challenges. Blizzard was forced to abandon its plans back in 2017. 

It was to rename iconic Battle.net launcher to the Blizzard Launcher after deciding the rebrand was a marketing blunder.

Registrations (closed beta) for the new EA Desktop App have just opened. However, an official rollout date is yet to be announced.

The Electronic Arts is ditching the Origin name to replace it with the revamped desktop app.  This is to “double down” on the EA Play branding. 

The company describes it as a next-generation PC gaming platform. Players can subscribe to EA’s game’s subscription services, EA Play and EA Play Pro using the EA Desktop app.

This is the  publisher’s recent rebrand of the EA Access service. Players can then download these games onto their PC to play them for as long as they’re subscribed to it.

EA will eliminate the name Origin from its suite of products. EA senior vice president Michael Blank said the new EA Desktop app will be faster than Origin.

It will let players engage with their games more conveniently. Origin was launched in 2011 and it has a reputation for being slow and cumbersome.

This may be a factor in EA’s overhaul as a platform.

This news comes only a few months after the company started migrating its PC titles to Steam.

Players will retain their EA Origin game licenses when the transfer happens. This includes friends lists on the EA Desktop app.

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